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Tropical Paradise Featuring Bali Green Sukabumi

When you think of a tropical paradise, the color that pops to mind would of course be green and blue. It is after all the color of water and the greeneries surrounding it, giving you the refreshing feel you’re looking for. This in turn comes this article on Tropical Paradise featuring Bali green Sukabumi for pools.

Why Bali Green Stone?

Outside of the fact that it’s very refreshing and enjoyable to look at, did you know that Bali green Sukabumi stones from Stone Depot also have a lot of other benefits out there? Let’s talk about them, shall we?

Minimalist outdoor pool with Green Sukabumi Stone

Not too expensive

The first benefit of this stone that makes it one of the best options for tropical paradise featuring Bali Sukabumi stone is that it’s affordable. Other types of stones can get expensive real fast when you’re buying them for large house projects such as a swimming pool.

With Green Sukabumi from Stone Depot, this isn’t a problem anymore as they’re priced at a very affordable rate while also still maintaining their good quality.

Minimal maintenance

Continuing with the theme of cutting costs, it’s very worth mentioning that Bali green Sukabumi stones are less maintenance heavy compared to other types of stones.

Usually, you’d have to treat and polish other stones to keep them shiny and proper. But again this isn’t the case with this stone. It is durable and very resistant to the element. It also helps keep your pool clean from bad odors and dangerous substances thanks to the zeolites in it.

It’s almost like a buy-one-get-all when it comes to building a tropical paradise featuring Bali green Sukabumi stones.

Easy to accent

Moving on to the more stylistic benefits, green Sukabumi stones are gorgeous by nature. Its green hues make it the perfect stone to use for your swimming pools whether it's for tiles or claddings. But other than that, it’s also a very accentuable color because while it is green, it’s not bright obnoxious green that makes it hard to accent.

Thanks to this, you can mix and match any color or stone and let your creativity runs wild when designing your desired tropical paradise with this stone without having to worry about it turning ugly or distasteful.

Very kid friendly

Kids love water; meaning, they love pools as well. But despite that, pools are really dangerous for little children as there’s a huge risk of drowning and or slipping. Due to this, safety should be your priority.

Your Bali green stone will not have one of these problems thanks to its anti-slip quality. There are fewer chances of kids tripping and having an accident. It’s also less chance for you to trip as well, so a win all around.

How to Purchase Bali Green Sukabumi Stone

If you want to build your very own tropical paradise featuring Bali green Sukabumi, feel free to contact us at our Whatsapp/Mobile Phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email us on [email protected] for more information regarding Bali green Sukabumi stones.

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The Green Sukabumi and Black Lavastone Is the Perfect Combo!

There are many cool combinations when it comes to materials for your outdoor swimming pool project. But out of all of them, the Green Sukabumi and Black Lavastone are for any type of pool you’d want to build. Why? Here are the reasons.

Why Must Green Sukabumi and Black Lavastone?

The green Sukabumi stone and the black lava stone

Top-class in aesthetic.

The first reason why the green Sukabumi and black lava stone is the perfect combo is because of its gorgeous aesthetic. The Sukabumi stone from Stone Depot gives your pool the natural feel and bright colors that your pool needs, while the black lava stone helps keep it toned down through its dark grey color.

Both of these combined makes for a killer combination in terms of aesthetics. When using these two, you can pretty much go any style whether it's traditional, contemporary, or modern. Anything goes, and you can be confident that it’d still look great when you use these two materials for your swimming pool.

Perfect Combination for Swimming Pool

Durable and useful

We harped on how many properties the green Sukabumi has in our previous articles. From anti-slip to its ability to keep your pool water clean, green Sukabumi has a lot of uses outside of just being pretty.

Then there’s also the comfort factor that green Sukabumi brings with its ability to retain pool temperature, keeping it at a stable level and making sure you’re as comfortable as you can be when you use the pool.

It is also durable, but when compared to lava stones, it’s of course nowhere near as heavy duty. But if you combined both of them to use in your pool, you will get the best of both worlds, making your pool safe, clean, and very durable.

Not too expensive to build

Despite having so many useful features and durability, building a pool with both of these materials is nowhere near as expensive as you’d expect. In fact, you’ll probably save a lot of money when using these two together.

Using Sukabumi stone alone already cuts down on the maintenance cost as it helps with pool water maintenance, and since both of them are very durable, there’s barely any need to replace and maintain these stones for a long time.


All of these factors combined definitely explain how the green Sukabumi and black lava stone are the perfect combo for so many people. It’s aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, safe, and clean.

And since you don’t have to do as much maintenance as you’d probably do with other types of stone for your pool, you will save a lot of money if you use these stones together.

How to Purchase Green Sukabumi and Black Lavastone

Now that we’ve known why the green Sukabumi and black lava stone are the perfect combos for your pool, you might be tempted to use them for your next project. How can you do that exactly?

Well, feel free to contact us at our Whatsapp/Mobile phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email us: at [email protected]we’ll answer any questions you might have about these two stones, including their price.

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What type of Green Sukabumi Stone?

You’ve heard us praise the beauty and advantages of sukabumi stone in the past, but what we haven’t talked about yet is the title for this article: what type of green Sukabumi stones are out there? How different are they? And most importantly, do they matter in your green Sukabumi stone usage?

So without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

What Type of Green Sukabumi Stone Are There?

Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool in Bali

Answering this question of what the type of Bali green stone looks like is very easy. Green sukabumi stone in and of itself does not have that many variants that we know of. There are currently only three types of sukabumi stone in the world.

The Plain Sukabumi Stone

The first type of green Sukabumi stone is the plain one. Properties-wise, it’s not different from all the other types of this Bali green stone. The only different thing about this type of Bali green sukabumi stone is its look and feel. The plain Sukabumi stone has a smooth surface with no crystals in sight.

So if you’re looking for a smooth stone to pave your swimming pools, plain Sukabumi stone would be your best choice.

Crystal Sukabumi Stone

Continuing with the answer of what type of green Sukabumi stones are out there, next we have is the crystal variant. As its name implies, compared to the plain one, there are crystals growing on this type of Bali green stone.

Again, characteristics-wise, there’s no difference from any Sukabumi stone and the only thing different about it is how it looks.

Generally speaking, this type of Sukabumi stone is the one that gets ordered from us at Stone Depot. Its gorgeous green hues and crystal texture make it one of the most attractive paving choices for your swimming pools or any other projects.

Split Face Green Sukabumi Stone

The last type of Sukabumi stone out there is the split face. It’s spotted with black marks which make it quite unattractive in most situations. That being said, there are some aesthetics where this type of Sukabumi stone fits best.

Overall, here at Stone Depot, we don’t sell this type of Bali green stone all that often as customers prefer the gorgeous look of the plain or crystal green Sukabumi stones more.


So yeah, that’s pretty much it. there aren’t that many types of Sukabumi stone out there, and all three that we have right now only differ in how they look. All of their properties and characteristics are the same, so at the end of the day, it’s up to your preferences in what kind of Sukabumi stone you want to use.

How to Purchase Green Sukabumi

If you’d like to find out more about these green Sukabumi as well as their price and other details such as their advantages or disadvantages, feel free to reach out to us at Whatsapp/Mobile phone : https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email us on [email protected] 

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Build Luxury House with Bali Natural Stone

 Bali Natural Stone - The presence of natural stone as the exterior of the building can increase the aesthetic value of the building. Currently, natural stone is not only used as a wall covering. Natural stone can be used as a fence combined with plants and trees to make the atmosphere shadier. The price of natural stone per meter varies greatly. Of course, it depends on the type and motif of the natural stone itself. Natural stone cladding for the fence can be one of the inspirations that make the house look luxurious.

Types of Bali Natural Stone For Fence Material

Bali Natural Stone by Stone Depot has various types of natural stone that can be used as fences. Stone Depot also provides natural stone fence installation services.  The natural stones can be combined with wood or ceramics. Here are some types of natural stone that can be used as fence material.

1.       Slate natural stone

Slate natural stone

Natural stone fences from slate are often referred to as river stone fences. The slate fence has many advantages. One of the advantages is that the stone is endured in all weather and is strong as a building foundation. The maintenance of this stone is also effortless.

The slate fence is one of the most popular fence designs in using natural stone as a material. Slate is also the most frequently used material for outdoor areas. The black and gray color of a slate are also suitable to be combined with other natural stones and other types of materials such as wood and ceramics.

2.       Palimanan stone

Palimanan stone

Palimanan stone is a stone that is often found in Indonesia. Sukabumi stone by Stone Depot provides high-quality palimanan stone that can be used as material for the fence. This stone has a beige to brown color, so it is neutral to combine with another color of natural stone or materials. Palimanan stone texture is hard and slippery. The use of this stone for the fence will increase the elegant exterior of the building. Palimanan stone prices are also quite affordable compared to other natural stones.

3.       Sandstone


From the name of this stone, it is clearly that it has a beige color. This stone is suitable for a fence material with a minimalist building concept. However, this stone requires more special care due to its light color and relatively rough surface. If not treated the stone properly, golden palimo sandstone will quickly get mossy. Caring for this stone is relatively easy. Rub and wipe the stone without cleaning fluid.

4.       Coral stone

Coral stone

Coral stone is a stone that comes from coastal and riverside areas. This stone is popular and versatile. Besides being used as fence material, coral stone is also popular as a flooring material, interior wall cladding, and even bathrooms. Coral stone also has assorted colors from light beige to black. Using coral stone as a fence material can create a calm and natural impression. Besides that, coral also plays a role in lowering the temperature and is suitable for use in hot areas.

Those are some examples of natural stones that can be used as fence material. Natural stone has various types. Use natural stone resistant to moss and do not absorb water easily. In addition, natural stone for fences must also be immune to all-weather, both heat and rain. You can find out about this product or make other collaborations by contacting the Stone Depot WhatsApp listed below: https://wa.me/6285336906433(Putri) or email us at: [email protected] and we will kindly respond to you as soon as possible.


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Local Bali White Marble and Its Project

Nowadays, there are many family-friendly restaurants, especially for older people and children. They apply a comfortable indoor and outdoor concept to the restaurant so it can accommodate a large family. One of those restaurants is Uni Restaurant in Bali, which builds a simple idea so everyone can hang out with family, friends, and relatives there.

Local White Marble

Some Projects That Use Bali White Marble From Stone Depot

Uni Restaurant in Bali is one of the restaurants with a unique casual dining concept. It is made with wood elements and local white marble decorations that give a warm impression to the cashier counter. With a capacity of 70 people. 

This natural stone producer of all sizes provides local white marble and installation services such as at Resto Uni, Bali. Marble is one of Indonesia's most widely used building materials, both for exterior and interior. Marble is very suitable to be applied to complement the interior, especially for floors. 

This material can be obtained at Stone Depot, which provides various types of natural stones of different sizes. Stone Depot has done many works or projects, and one of them is at Resto Uni, Bali.

This unique and conceptual restaurant owned by chefs Steven Skelly and Nicolas Lento is a new Stone Depot project. This restaurant is located on Berawa Beach, Bali provides a comfortable place to eat dishes from Japanese and French cultures. The floor of the restaurant is covered with local white marble material. It is combined with beautiful and elegant wooden furniture to provide diners with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 

The white marble is come from local materials and has a competitive price. Great results can be obtained with the good and careful installation of marble floors. Installation by experienced personnel will undoubtedly give more satisfactory results, not least for local marble floors. The interior inside the restaurant has an artistic feel with local white marble floors. This floor covering has a dominant white color with an elegant appearance.

Local White Marble For Room’s Interior

Combined with wood material, the restaurant interior looks lovely and natural. The beauty of local white marble in the room's interior also provides comfort and a contemporary feel in this restaurant. It is called local white marble because the production of this material is from within the country. 

Some areas known as sources of natural stone materials such as Sukabumi Stone Price are Yogyakarta, Tulung Agung, and many more. The fabric in the form of chunks of stone found will be cut using a cutting machine to become a slab. Natural stone in the form of marble has many styles or types, and one of them is marble with a dominant white color. The marble slab is then cut again to make elbows and adjusted in size according to market demand. 

For more information about Local White Marble, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the following Whatsapp link https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri), phone (+62 231 8802888), or email ([email protected]).

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Sukabumi Stone Philippines For Minimalist House Exterior

Natural stone is indeed suitable to be an alternative in decorating the front of the house with a minimalist style. Natural stone is indeed appropriate to be an alternative in decorating the front of the house with a minimalist style. Not all natural stone can be installed outdoors because the resistance of natural stone is different. So what are the tips and ways to apply the use of natural stone? You can read it below.

Sukabumi Stone Philippines

Sukabumi Stone Philippines for House Exterior

For the front of the house exterior in a minimalist style, natural stone with calm, soft, and plain texture is the right choice. Meanwhile, you can use this stones or split stones for a traditional style house. But if you want a minimalist home with a substantial stone application, natural slate stone can be the solution. This natural stone is perfect for the foundation of your building, and it is easy to attach as a wall cladding. Meanwhile, if you want a stone resistant to weather, fungus, and moss, you can use andesite natural stone. 

Sukabumi Stone Philippines by Stone Depot has so many types of natural stone that you can choose one of them as a building material for your house. There are many natural stones by Stone Depot with export quality. Preparation techniques on natural stone also vary. There are manual drafting techniques that can produce lovely and unique textures. There is also a preparation technique using cladding were to use several colors at once, which are then arranged randomly or sequentially.

A minimalist house with the right blend of natural stone will make an elegant and spacious impression. On the other hand, the combination of natural stone with the wrong room color choice makes a minimalist home look narrow. One natural stone type that can be used for home materials is temple stone. This stone has the advantage of being cheaper than andesite stone. You can use them with random patterns for a fancy look. 

Primarily if used for the house's exterior, it will look beautiful when exposed to rain. It seems like it just finished coating. Andesite stone is another famous type of natural stone because it's weather-resistant and anti-moss stone. No wonder this stone is applied to beautify your minimalist home. You can use it on the outside or inside of the house. A minimalist house with brush coral application can improve its beauty. It is because this stone has a variety of colors and patterns. 

The price is also lower than other natural stones, so it is not surprising if this stone is very popular as a house material. Sukabumi stone Philippines by Stone Depot has any natural stone that can beautify your home.

Price and Budget of Sukabumi Stone Philippines

In the planning stage of designing a house, you should also adjust the budget. The more solid the natural stone to be used, the more expensive the price will be. The type of design and the method of installation also impact the budget that must be spent. It would be nice for you to survey the prices listed and streamline the budget in designing natural stone applications in your minimalist home. Sukabumi stone Philippines provides all you need about natural stone. 

Stone Depot's team can help you achieve the aesthetic minimalist house that you’re looking for. You can consult with Stone Depot’s team via WhatsApp https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri), phone (+62 231 8802888), or email ([email protected]).

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The Natural Beauty of Sandstone Tiles Architecture

Ever wonder how ancient historical buildings manage to survive for thousands of years? The secret behind it is none other than sandstone. Sandstone tiles architecture is timeless and a perfect way to combine old and new styles in contemporary architecture

Sandstone is a sedimentary stone formed out of the sand. It has various colors ranging from red to yellow. Sandstone is beautiful for decorations, creating a warm touch to your design. Moreover, it is versatile and has been a reliable floor tiling for many years.

If you are thinking of incorporating sandstone tiles into your design, this is the sign that you should probably give it ago.

Sandstone in History

Sandstone has been used for construction ever since prehistoric times. Due to its versatility and durability, it has become a popular choice for building materials.

One of the best examples of historical sites using sandstone is Petra, also known as the Red City. The landscape of the city is formed mainly by red sandstone building material.

Another example of a famous sandstone building is The White House. It is the residence and workplace of the United States. It uses pale grey sandstone to clad its exterior.

Why Choose Sandstone Tiles Architecture?

Sandstone Tiles for Outdoor Wall Cladding

These are the reasons why you need to include elements of sandstone in your building.

1. Natural aesthetic

Sandstone color can range from a variety of brown, red, and yellow shades, and even white. These colors make for a nice earthy tone that sets a warm natural feeling for your design.

2. Durability

Sandstones can withstand the test of time, making them a strong and durable building material.

3. Diverse and unique

As a natural stone, each sandstone will have colors and patterns that are different from the other. You can also have a wide range of textures and color varieties that you can choose from depending on your needs.

Sandstone in Contemporary Architecture

Nowadays, natural stones like sandstone have become a trend in modern architecture and design. The beauty and quality it possesses make it ideal to achieve the natural elegant look that you’re looking for.

Want some ideas on how you can use sandstone for your house or building? Check out these examples of sandstone architecture.

Sandstone Exterior Design for Your House

Using sandstone for your house’s facade can create a quiet and elegant appearance, like the House R+ A Mineral by OOIIO architecture in Madrid, Spain. This design gives a certain beauty to your dwelling while maintaining its simplicity. This is perfect especially if you want to achieve a warm look.

Sandstone Interior Design for Your House

Sandstone interior design can create a natural look for your space, similar to this kitchen and dining room in the Inhabit Hotel, designed by Holland Harvey.

Sandstone tiles are a great choice for the floor for their visual appeal. Walking into a room with sandstone tiles can make you feel relaxed and at ease.

Sandstone for Pool Coping

Sandstone is a nice option for your pool coping. Sandstone design creates a natural beauty that reminisces the beach. It has slip-resistant properties, which makes it safe for your pool. However, sandstone is highly porous so make sure to seal it appropriately beforehand.

Wrapping Up

If the natural and relaxing visual is what you’re aiming for, then sandstone is worth the try. With its high quality and durability, sandstone can be the right answer for your project.

Stone Depot can help you achieve the aesthetic sandstone tiles architecture that you’re looking for. For more inquiries about sandstones, you can contact us via WhatsApp https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) , phone (+62 231 8802888), or email ([email protected]).

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Sukabumi Stone Mexico for Your Dream Outstanding Luxurious Pool

An outstanding and beautiful pool is literally a dream for most people. Sukabumi Stone Mexico exists for this reason. It offers you a luxurious look that can make your swimming pool dazzling while getting sun-kissed. Besides, it also looks amazing at nighttime under the moonlight.

Sukabumi Stones tiles have a glamorous emerald color, and it gets prettier when it's wet. And because of their luxurious appearance, many of them are used in the most exclusive resorts, hotels, and spas all around the world.  It's a perfect choice if you want to have exotic, tropical, and elegant-looking pools.

Why Choosing Sukabumi Stone Mexico?

Portrait Beautiful Woman Sitting Aside Swimming Pool with Sukabumi Stone

There are a lot of reasons why you should pick Sukabumi Stone as your pool tiles. Here are a few of them!

1.      Anti-slip

You don't have to worry about slipping in the pools if you use Sukabumi pool tiles. It has low water absorption, so it creates an anti-slip effect on them. The possibility of an accident automatically gets lower.

So, you can play hard without worrying too much about your safety. It is because Sukabumi Stone is considered as the safest pool tiles that exist in the world. The stones have a smooth, sleek, and honed surface so it reduces the possibility of slipping while you are playing in the pools.

2.      Has a water purifying property

Aside from reducing the possibility of an accident with its anti-slip property, Green Sukabumi Stone can also reduce the amount of ammonium in the pools. The stone contains zeolites that can help you absorb the heavy metal. This can make your pools cleaner for a longer time.

You don't have to worry about its consumption of chlorine or salt. It is because Sukabumi Stone can reduce its consumption by up to 20%.

3.      Exclusive

Did you know that the Sukabumi Stone only exists in Indonesia? It is named after the place where the stone was founded; Sukabumi. Sukabumi is a regency in West Java, Indonesia.

Because it's exclusive, it makes the stones hard to find outside Indonesia. This is why natural stone is very precious and highly demanded.

4.      Can be Used at Every Temperature

Sukabumi Stones can be used in all kinds of temperatures. The stones are very adaptable, so it makes them more durable than the others. Whether you live in a cold or a hot area, you still can use the stones just right. The stones also can be used in extreme temperatures.

How to Purchase Sukabumi Stone Mexico?

You can purchase Sukabumi Stone tiles from Stone Depot. We only sell high-quality natural stone tiles from Java and Bali. Aside from that, we also offer you a service to design, install, and make sure that your project is finished. It will be very worth it.

You can contact us through our hotline on WhatsApp https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or fax (+622318491546). Aside from that, you can also email us at [email protected]. We will help you to find the best Sukabumi Stone Mexico to make your pool tiles look more luxurious.

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The Reasons Why You Should Use Bali Green Stone for Swimming Pool

The green color is always the best choice, whenever you want to make a beautiful and extravagant swimming pool. The green color gives you a calm and relaxing nuance. So, when you spend your time there, you can have the best moment and enjoy that moment. That makes us wonder, what kind of material can give the best green color to a swimming pool? The answer is Bali Green Stone.

The Beauty of Bali Green Stone

“Bali green stone beautify the exterior swimming pools”


As its name implies, this material is a perfect choice for adding a natural green color to your swimming pool. You can use it on the swimming pool floor and wall. However, it is a better choice for the part of the floor because the pattern and color in it can reflect the light much better. Thus, a swimming pool with this material on the floor will ooze a strong extravagant and elegant vibe.


One of the best things you can get from this stone is how it makes the swimming pools look wet. It might sound ridiculous. However, this effect can give you a better fresh feeling and atmosphere when you use your pool. Because of this effect, this stone also became one of the most popular material choices for swimming pool floors on many top resorts and hotels.

Moreover, Bali Green Stone also is compatible with tropical theme decoration. This type of decoration is popular in various resorts. However, you also can use it at your home. With that, you can enjoy your time at your beloved living place much better than before. It doesn’t have to be a big and expensive decoration. A small accent around your swimming pool is enough because this stone will emphasize that decoration’s beauty.


The Best Features of Bali Green Stone

“Bali green stone tiles wet look with crystal green color”


Appearance-wise, this stone is top-notch. However, the reasons to choose Bali green stone are not only about its appearance. This stone also has two amazing features that you can’t find on other natural stones for the swimming pool.


·         Zeolite 

The first feature is Zeolite. It is a unique compound that you can find in a Quartzite type of stone. What can Zeolite do? This compound can absorb various dangerous substances in swimming pool water. This dangerous substance could give you health problems if you get exposed too long to them. Moreover, Zeolite also works as a cleanser for the swimming pool, so you don’t have to maintain it too often.


·         High Durability

Bali green stone also has high durability. It doesn’t damage easily. Moreover, once you install it, the stone can last for years without losing its quality and appearance. In short, you can keep your swimming pool looking great for much longer and save more time for maintenance.


Now, if you want to make an extravagant and elegant swimming pool, you can get Bali Green Stone. And, the best place to get that is Stone Depot. This company provides the best quality green stone with the best cut, plus various size choices that you need. Visit the Stone Depot website and contact their team. They will help you place an order and buy the Bali Green Stone that you need right away.


To get in-depth information regarding the order process of this Bali green stone tiles, consider sending an inquiry through email at [email protected] or via WhatsApp/Mobile phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri). The renowned Stone Depot Indonesia will professionally handle your order.

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Green Sukabumi Pool: A Sign of Luxury and Wealthiness

The best choice of tile goes to Green Sukabumi when it comes to pools. Green Sukabumi tiles are unique tiles that you can only find in Indonesia. This kind of tile is very popular for a variety of uses, including swimming pool aesthetics.

It is not surprising why a lot of people love this kind of tile. Green Sukabumi stones are exceptionally gorgeous. You will never find stones as beautiful as this stone. That is why this kind of stone is used by people from all over the continents, including Asia, America, Europe, and Australia.

What is Green Sukabumi? 

Green Sukabumi Stone for swimming pool in Chisinau, Moldova

To help you understand more about Green Sukabumi stone, let’s talk about what it is all about. Here, we are going to talk about the stone’s size and substances.

You will be able to find a variety of sizes for this kind of stone. The size of the stone also depends on what kind of finishing you can find on it. You can either choose stones with a smooth or a rough finishing, depending on what you want to use the stone for. 

Next, let’s talk about the substances that you will find in a Green Sukabumi tile. Another reason why this tile is perfect for swimming pools is that it contains zeolites. Zeolites can reduce the amount of ammonia in your swimming pool, allowing bacteria and other microorganisms to die. 

What is the Color of Green Sukabumi Tiles? 

Now that you know the basics of Green Sukabumi, let’s talk about the color of this incredible tile. So, this tile has a natural green color that gives your swimming pool a very fresh appearance. You will commonly find the Green Sukabumi pool in luxurious hotels, which is pretty incredible.

However, you need to keep in mind that Green Sukabumi tiles look different when they are wet and dry. When they are dry, the tiles look paler than usual. When the tiles are wet, they become greener, which is why they are perfect for swimming pools.

What are the Benefits of Green Sukabumi Tiles?

"Green Sukabumi Stone for safety swimming pool with the anti-slip feature"

Lastly, let’s talk about the benefits that you will get from using this kind of tile. Without further due, here are some advantages of Green Sukabumi tiles you need to know.

First of all, you will love the fact that these tiles are very elegant and exotic. It will make your swimming pool look extremely luxurious.

Aside from looking gorgeous, these tiles are also very strong and durable. You will not have to worry about renovating your swimming pool ever again.

Another reason why these tiles are perfect for your swimming pool is because of their anti-slip effect. That is why these tiles are safe.

Buy Green Sukabumi Tiles Now 

Now that you know how incredible these tiles are, you should certainly think about buying them. You can easily order them in Stone Depot and get them delivered wherever you like. So, go ahead and shop for Green Sukabumi, the best type of tile for your swimming pool.

To get in-depth information regarding the order process of this Green Sukabumi stone, consider sending an inquiry through email at [email protected] or via WhatsApp/Mobile phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri). The renowned Stone Depot Indonesia will professionally handle your order.

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Find Luxurious Bali Swimming Pools, Green Sukabumi Stone

Bali is famous for its exclusive swimming pool, one of which is because it uses the best natural stone from Sukabumi. Bali Swimming Pools, Green Sukabumi Stone has always been synonymous with luxurious swimming pools.

Description and Review of Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi stone for outdoor swimming pool in Seychelles

We would like to invite you to know more about the Green Sukabumi Stone which is used by many swimming pools in Bali.

        Description of Product

Its name is very well known throughout Indonesia because of its quality assurance. People know Green Sukabumi Stone as the mainstay to add to the beauty of the swimming pool.

With its best swimming pool, Bali also uses this natural stone from West Java. The world has recognized the quality of this natural stone.

Some swimming pools in foreign hotels, such as Dubai, Thailand, etc., have used this stone.

From a scientific review, this Sukabumi green natural stone contains Zeolite, which can clean swimming pools from various dangers of heavy metals or unpleasant odors.

You could say, Zeolite is a chemical substance as a swimming pool water purifying agent.

We present the Stone Depot brand with Batu Sukabumi products. With these products, your swimming pool will be more enjoyable.

        Review of Product

We want to share about our products which we summarize in the Product Review.

Some of the Green Sukabumi Stone characteristics used by many famous swimming pools in Bali are a solid and complex texture with a green color. For the choice of motifs, we provide plain and crystal models

The application is in the form of exterior wall cladding, pool handling, pool deck, and pool wall cladding. Next is the choice of finishing, namely sharpened, saw cut, with a split surface/stone.

For cut sizes available 10x10cm, 10x15cm, 15x15cm, 20x20cm, 30x60cm with a thickness of 1-3 cm.

Product Features and Benefits

Luxury stone depot project at The Six Senses Resort with Bali green stone

Stone Depot is a well-known natural stone brand that has penetrated foreign markets. We already have a market network in several Asian, Middle East, and European countries.

        About Green Sukabumi Stone

People love this type of natural stone because of the beauty of its natural green color. Many swimming pools in Bali use this stone because the texture is not slippery.

Sukabumi green rock can adapt to temperature and weather. Even the material is also resistant to high pressure. The zeolite compounds contained in it also benefit from being able to purify pond water.

This green stone from Sukabumi can also adapt to any temperature and weather. So, you don't have to worry about this natural stone because it won't damage quickly.

In some swimming pools in Bali, this stone material is resistant to high pressure. It's no wonder that various five-star hotels in Bali use our Stone Depot brand. Known as Pedra Hijau Verde, Sukabumi Stone is the best-selling with customers from various business sectors throughout Indonesia.

        How to Get Green Sukabumi Stone

Here are the steps for ordering green Sukabumi stones.

Step 1: You can contact Oktalina Putri via email or WhatsApp at https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri). Just visit our website stonedepot.com for more information.

Step 2: We will send you an invoice, including bank details. For payment, we offer Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), 100% Irrevocable Letter of Credit (L/C) at sight, and Card payment.

Step 3: After an agreement has been reached, we will process your order and ensure that your order is delivered safely and on time.

We have the Stone Depot brand for your best recommended natural stone. Information about Bali Swimming Pools, Green Sukabumi Stone can be your reference.