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Green Sukabumi Stone Malaysia : A Fresh Dash of Nature

Grab that fresh dash of nature by decorating your house with Green Sukabumi Stone Malaysia. They’re so famous that you can’t just miss the information!
Green sukabumi stone in Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

It becomes more and more common to blend the natural world with the home interior space, especially if you labeled yourself as a nature lover. Incorporating Mother Nature can transform the overall look and feel of the house with its timeless sense of beauty and peace. A place with a fresh dash of nature allows you to rest and relax refreshingly! Create your paradise by making use of natural building materials that surely look earthy. You can decorate your house with green sukabumi stone Malaysia to set live greenery inside. Green stone sukabumi also work best if you have a theme within an individual room, such as lush forestry. Getting stuck indoors doesn’t feel much dull now, does it?

How Green Sukabumi Stone Malaysia Brings Natural Values

Shimmering Green sukabumi stone above swimming pool in Pattaya Resort, Thailand
Decorating with tiles can help to add a touch of nature to indoors or outdoors. Tiles aren’t only for your floors but also walls, pavements, hallways, fountains, and other surfaces that you feel suitable. They can be a way to illustrate and add splashes of color in the bathroom, kitchen floors, and patio with zero difficulties! Changing to tiles after using paints or wallpapers doesn’t only allow new vibes but also adapt you to new ways of maintaining the look. Green sukabumi stone Malaysia that has been incorporated in various high-end properties can be added into your consideration list. They pull a space together while supplementing textures and tones elegantly. On the other hand, they’re also easy to clean and highly durable for a long time.

Green sukabumi stone Malaysia  presents a fast and convenient makeover with its earthy verdant hue. Mainly quarried in Indonesia, they work perfectly for countertops, walls, pools, stairs, and windowsills. Some usual finishing surfaces of the stone you can choose are polished, sanded, sandblasted, sawn cut, and rock faced. If you want to use this exotic Bali green stone for water features like pools or fountains, you should know that a particular mineral inside them can help to purify the water. They’re called zeolite, and they can also assist in battling nasty contaminants and odors. Swimming in your private pool looks much more stylish, cleaner and healthier than before!

Green Sukabumi Stone Supplier - Trusted, Reliable, and Experienced Supplier of Sukabumi Stone Indonesia

Sukabumi Green Stone Tiles 
If you’re interested in buying or getting further information on green sukabumi stone Malaysia, you can always contact Stone Depot that’s based in Indonesia. As one of the leading manufacturers for the best stone material for Indonesian homes, we have successfully gained the trust of customers from 80 countries worldwide. Operating since 2005, we assure every production is in detail and satisfactorily delivered to the customer’s front door. Some of other Indonesia natural stone we also produce with the best qualities are marble, stone wall cladding, slate, basalt, lava stone, and cobblestone. They’re also already verified with an international certificate to keep the mission spirit of becoming a world-class stone company.

If you need further assistance regarding Indonesia Green Stone Tiles, please do contact our team through email : info@dw-corporation.com or direct message to Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 853-3690-6433 (Putri)

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Sukabumi Stone : Healthy Pool Water Solution

Keeping your pool water clean and healthy is a must. Find out how Sukabumi Stones can help you with this, and why you should begin the tiling project now.

Exotic Hijau Lisa Pool Tiles
As an excellent activity to general health and wellbeing improvement, swimming every day can be super relaxing and fun. However, you can’t always swim without monitoring the water cleanliness! Although it looks spotless, your water can contain germs like cryptosporidium that can live for days and end up making you sick. Other than using chlorine, it’s also necessary for you to do routine cleaning and choose the best pool material that can keep the water clean. You can start considering about green sukabumi stone tiles, one of the most popular Bali natural stone used for pools in buildings like hotels and residences. Read more to see how this green stone tiles can enhance your pool water to be cleaner and healthier.

What’s in Sukabumi Stone and How They Clean the Water

Cleaning with the right equipment can indeed get you a sparkling clean pool. Using the right material, however, can ease your effort in the pool cleansing routine! In addition to adding chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals, the water can be purified by the help of Sukabumi Stone. There’s a mineral compound called zeolite in them that’s very stable to resist the kinds of environmental conditions. While this challenges many other materials, high level of temperatures doesn't bother zeolites due to their relatively high melting points. They also don't oxidize in the air and don't dissolve in water. Since these stone minerals occur naturally, they're useful and have no harmful environmental impacts.

Hijau Lisa 10x10 - Wet Condition
Zeolites in green stone sukabumi serve as natural purifying agents for the swimming pool water. They sieve through contaminants and germs with terrific performance to sand and carbon filters. Due to their highly porous contexture, zeolites are capable of absorbing ammoniums, undesirable odors, and heavy metals. Using this Bali green stone for pool tiles can at least assist in the cleaning process, thus making it a substantial natural resource for pool areas in luxury properties worldwide. Not to mention, these native Indonesia natural stone come in a unique green color. They can boost the look of your pool and improve its water quality at the same time!

Who You Should Contact for Sukabumi Stones Purchase

Stone Depot R&D's Team
Now that you know what makes the stones unique, you can start surveying for the right supplier. Stone Depot Indonesia as the brand of PT D&W International is the leading manufacturer and exporter for natural stones since 2006. They have been awarded as “The Best in International Marketing” in 2016 due to their consistent quality in products and services. With more than 400 customers in 80 countries around the world, Stone Depot has been a trusted supplier of premium-quality Indonesia stones like green sukabumi stone, black lavastone tiles, and yellow sandstone for a long time. They care about every customer’s needs while working up their vision in becoming a leading world-class stone company. 

If you need further assistance regarding Sukabumi Stone Indonesia, please do contact our team on email : info@dw-corporation.com or direct message us to Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : ++62 853-3690-6433 (Putri)

Sukabumi Stone : Healthy Pool Water Solution

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Bali Black Lavastone Tiles - The Kid-Friendly Black Lava Stone Tiles in Pacific Palisades Private Swimming Pool USA

Black Lava Stone Tiles Pedra Hitam in Private Swimming Pool at Pacific Palisades Los Angeles, California, USA offers one of the most beautiful yet kid-friendly tiles for your projects.

Black Lavastone  - Private Swimming Pool Project at USA by Stone Depot

Tucked between Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Black Lava Stone Tiles PedraHitam in Private Swimming Pool at Pacific Palisades Los Angeles, California, USA is a beautiful addition to your family outings destination. After a long walk on caf├ęs, restaurants, boutiques, yoga facilities, or home decor shops in Pacific Palisades’ main street, relaxing quality time with family in a private swimming pool will be the cherry on top. A serene natural look with the greens all around the black lava stone tiles will captivate everyone of all ages who sight upon it.It’s elegant, exotic, but still kid-friendly.

Black Lava Stone Tiles – Why Pedra Hitam is Kid-Friendly Tiles For Your Swimming Pool Project?

Elegant Black Lavastone Pool Tiles at Modern The Terminal, USA

Kids are like little balls of energy, and a family outing in a private swimming pool at sunny California won’t be complete without playing some pool games. That is why Black Lava Stone Tiles Pedra Hitam in Private Swimming Pool at Pacific Palisades Los Angeles, California, USA is the perfect material to use. The beautiful black lavastone tiles have a rough surface and small porosity, which makes it naturally anti-slip. That way, your kids can expel their excessive energy and run around even with water splashing everywhere. The parent won’t need to worry anymore when their kids want to play MarcoPolo or other water games that require rapid movement and jump-scares.

Another thing that makes Black Lava Stone Tiles PedraHitam in Private Swimming Pool at Pacific Palisades Los Angeles, California, USA kid-friendly is its color. Although black might not the favorite colors of most kids,the little rascalstend to leave dirt. That dirt often leaves stain even after you clean it, and some natural stones need extra work and careful treatment. Luckily, the Black Lava Stone Tiles Pedra Hitam is stain resistant. The dark color will conceal the persistent stain. It makes the pool retains its beautiful look overtime. Combined with its durability and sustainability, your kids might even enjoy the same swimming pool when they are adult. A relaxing time in a private swimming pool at Pacific Palisades is a thing to want at any ages, after all.

Bali Black Lavastone Tiles – Where to Buy The Black Lava Stone ?

Bali Black Lavastone Tiles in USA

Indonesia Lava Stone or locally called Pedra Hitam is suitable for many uses such as wall cladding, outdoor tiles or pavers, and swimming pool tiles, just like Black Lava Stone Tiles Pedra Hitam in Private Swimming Pool at Pacific Palisades Los Angeles, California, USA. If you want the kid-friendly black lava stone tiles pedra hitam like the one on Pacific Palisades Los Angeles, you can get it from StoneDepot. They provide the best natural stone you can find, which is sourced directly from Java & Bali in Indonesia. You can also order customized tiles with the best assistance from Stone Depot. They can help you decide which material is most suitable for your projects. Contact Bali Stone Depot now to find out more about their product and price.

So, to have similar Bali Black Lavastone tiles in in Private Swimming Pool at Pacific Palisades Los Angeles, California, USA installed, do contact our team by email : info@dw-corporation.com or directly message to Whatsapp / Mobile Phone : +62 853-3690-6433 (Putri)

Our experienced team will kindly help you in your way to making decision.

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See How the Beautiful of Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pedra Hijau in Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa Project by Stone Depot

Green Sukabumi stone tiles pedra hijau at Renaissance Pattaya is a popular stone used for swimming pool. Here is the reason why you must order.
Green Sukabumi Stone Project at Pattaya Resort, Thailand by Stone Depot

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pedra Hijau is a local product of Indonesia that is popular in the world and has great quality materials. Several countries that have been used this stone are Hawaii, Phuket, Maldives, Haikou and many others. Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pedra Hijau is mostly searched stone by the customers who want to decorate their property, especially for swimming pool. Therefore, the target market of this stone is mostly luxury villas and resorts. You can find green sukabumi stone tiles pedra hijau in Renaissance Pattaya Resort and Spa as it is one of the resorts that use this kind of stone.

Benefits of Using Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pedra Hijau
Green Swimming Pool at Pattaya Resort 

Having a unique and natural color, Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pedra Hijau also has several benefits. It is durable and restrains the temperature. When it is applied in the pool, it becomes cooler during the day and warmer at night.The natural color of green sukabumi stone tiles pedra hijau in Renaissance Pattaya Resort and Spa’s pool makes a perfect combination of natural life and aesthetic element. Therefore, the concept of “back to nature” is suitable for the use of this kind of stone.  Not only that,but there is also a substance—namely “zeolite”—inside the material that can be a natural purifying agent of water.

Exotic View in Renaissance Pattaya Resort and Spa’s Swimming Pool
Outdoor Swimming Pool Tiles at Renaissance Pattaya Resort

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pedra Hijau in Renaissance Pattaya Resort and Spa’s pool creates a beautiful yet relaxing atmosphere that fits with the calming blue sky above. If you ever visit Renaissance Pattaya Resort and Spa in Thailand, you can enjoy the tranquility in a gazebo while looking at the pool, or swim there. The green-blue color of Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pedra Hijau can be used for chic pool villas, outdoor swimming pool, and kid pool.

How to Order Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pedra Hijau
Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles in Thailand

You can easily get these beautiful green stones just like Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pedra Hijau in Renaissance Pattaya Resort and Spa by contacting a trusted supplier. Indonesia-based Stone Depot has fulfilled their customer needs since 2005, and you can be their customer too. For more detail information, you can visit
the Stone Depot or contac our expert team on Whatsapp / Mobile Phone : +62 853-3690-6433(Putri) or email us on : info@dw-corporation.com

See How the Beautiful of Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pedra Hijau in Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa Project by Stone Depot

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Witnessing the Masterpiece of the Most Luxury Natural Stones from Indonesia: Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles or also known as Pedra Hijau Verde Tiles at Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai

The swimming pool is a hotel’s signature feature. To expose heart-warming look of a pool, try Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles or Pedra Hijau.

Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai

Travelers expect memorable experiences when they travel to a tourism place for a holiday. These expected experiences come from two elements. The first is from the city’s outstanding tourism activities or landscapes which are not commonly found in other places. The second is from the hotel or resort where they stay. One of the most wanted spots from a hotel is its swimming pool. Travelers tend to stay in a hotel that offers an impressive indoor or outdoor swimming pool. On that account, many luxury hotels invest their swimming pool’s compelling look with natural stones from Indonesia. For example, the installation of Green Sukabumi Stone or Pedra Hijau Verde Tiles at Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai.

A Fine View of Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai

Outdoor Swimming Pool with Green Stone Tiles

Bulgari Hotel and Resort is a world-class hotel. You may find this hotel networks throughout the most famous and biggest tourism area in big cities. Their hotels and resorts are constructed at the most exotic view in selected cities such as Milan, London, Dubai, Bali, Shanghai, and Beijing. With their reputation, they always invest their properties with the best components. One of the best components consistently found at this Italian hotel architecture is Green Sukabumi Stones Tiles. You can see Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles or Pedra Hijau Verde Tiles at Bulgari Hotel and Resort Dubai used for their public and private pools’ details.

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles or Pedra Hijau Verde at Bulgari Hotel and Resort Dubai make the perfect blend of modern and natural design for the hotel pool. Visitors can calm their nerves by soaking their bodies into the fresh-green-color water and enjoy the beautiful sea panorama before their eyes. Not only that, the hotel also prepares elegant and exotic gazebos at the poolside. Here visitors who are not swimming can still feel the heart-warming atmosphere. The white and brown color of the poolside gazebos, the green look of the water pool, and the sea blue-green natural color make the pool an outstanding spot to pamper visitors.

Interested in Purchasing Green Sukabumi Stone

Indoor Swimming Pool with Bali Green Stone

Interested in building your swimming pool but still have no clue where to find the stone? Stone Depot is the right place to go. The Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles or Pedra Hijau Verde Tiles at Bulgari Hotel and Resort Dubai can be found here. All you need to do is contact the supplier. They will offer you various natural stones that you can choose from. Just tell them whatever you need for your swimming pool, and they will give the best recommendations for you.

If you need any further assistance in your project design, please kindly contact us on Whatsapp/Mobile phone : +62 853 3690 6433 (Putri) or email us : info@dw-corporation.com.

Our expert team will kindly to assist in your making decision.

How Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles Create A Very Elegant Look in Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore ? Find out now!

Pedra hitam also known black lava stone is used in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore to create a very elegant look. What makes the architect chosen this adorable natural stone from Indonesia for their project ?

Black Lavastone Cladding in Jewel Changi Airport

Black Lava Stone Tiles : Durability & Flexibility

Popular as the durable natural stone, Black volcanic lava stone already involve in many projects in many countries all over the world.

When we have a vacation, not rarely to see this black lava stone used as flooring tile or wall cladding in many places, such as temples, hotels, resorts, swimming pool and also in public places such as airport.

Talking about airport,

Did you already hear the most-new concept of airport located in Singapore?

It’s place used black lava stone tiles or pedra hitam as the stone wall cladding.

You can see how adorable look of the building design by using black natural lava stone there.

Beautiful, elegant and adorable.

These words combine to feel what my feel when see that place.

The place is Jewel Changi Airport.
It’s become the must see attraction in Singapore right now when the architects transform the airport into inspiring lifestyle destination.

In this airport, peoples not just to board on a plane, but they can get wondrous experience also such as shopping, dining, playing games with kids and many more.

It’s real because this airport have some breath-taking places such as Shiseido Forest Valley, Canopy Park, Canopy bridge and their tallest indoor waterfall in Jewel’s Heart.

Wow Factor in Jewel Changi Airport Made by Indonesia Natural Stone

As an Indonesian and supplier of Indonesia natural stone, I’m absolutely proud of our natural wealth especially natural stone.

We have a many kinds of natural stone which already get their popularity in around the world, includes Black Lava stone tiles.

Within the Jewel Changi Airport, you can found the surrounding’s cladding feature full of black lava stone material.

Black lava stone or pedra hitam made an elegant look for the building because the stone have a volcanic dark colors.

You will never be bored seeing the cladding with Black lava stone tiles or pedra hitam in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore because the architect combine it with lush sanctuary green on the surrounding’s cladding also.

Exotic Water Foutain made from Bali Lava Stone
How the Durability of Black Lava Stone that Attracted The Architect ?

Did you already known the world-biggest temple located in West Java, Indonesia?

The Borobudur temple has been popular with it’s durability in a few centuries.

The material of this Buddhist-temple made from Black volcanic lava stone tiles.
It’s why the architect of Jewel Changi Airport decide to choose this lava stone it’s because the stone is durable to against any weather.

Formed by high temperature process in earth, black lava stone or pedra hitam become one of the durable stone that can against any weather. 

This stone also has natural cooling system since it has so many tiny holes. The small pores make the air flows easily into the stone. Popular in architecture, this stone also is great used as pool pavers because the material is resistance to scratches stains, and slips.

Another Black Lava Stone Benefits : Flexibility

One other reason why they choose black lava stone tiles pedra hitam in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore is the flexibility. 

Flexibility means the stone can be mixed or matched with other shades of colors. 

The color will always be a trend. 
Monochromatic color is always timeless. 
Black lava stone gives a back-to-nature style. 

The visitors of Jewel Changi Airport Singapore will experience the touch of nature when they visit this place. 

The architects surely want to build a property that will last for a long time. 
It is why they use black lava stone tiles pedra hitam in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore. 

By using black lava stone or pedra hitam, they will not have to do a major renovation anytime soon. 

As an Indonesia Black Lava Stone Supplier, Stone Depot provides this material if you want to build a property that will last for a long time. 

Stone Depot also provides many varieties. You can pick the stone based on what you need such as Green sukabumi stone, limestone, basalt, sandstone, pebblesand many more.

If you need any further assistance in your project design, please kindly contact us on Whatsapp/Mobile phone : +62 853 3690 6433 (Putri) or email us : info@dw-corporation.com.

Our expert team will kindly to assist in your making decision.

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Indonesia Natural Stone Project - Find Out The International Stone Depot Project on Bunaken Resort and Spa Manado

Source : bunakenoasis.com

Many people investing their money in property because global fastest growing in property markets, includes Indonesia. There is a wonderful popular property in another side of Indonesia with exotic blue and green views on around. It's Bunaken Oasis and Spa Manado. This resort located in Manado, North Sulawesi.  As a perfect place for diving and get spa, you will set this resort as your next plan journey on coming holiday.

A Beautiful Property Depends On How Choose Building Materials

Source : TripAdvisor

Bunaken Oasis and Spa Manado has proven that a beautiful property depends on how choose building materials. Many parts of Bunaken's rooms using natural stone as their secondary materials, especially on their walls. When we take a look once again, their using Indonesia natural stone as wall cladding which have durable and elegance appereance. It's andesite stone. Andesite stone on this property looks more amazing with strip cladding design. The color of this stone also looks as a perfect suit when combine with furniture in rooms. All of this values is only for visitor's satisfaction. This resort has been prove it with a natural stone!

Luxury Resort With Full Fantastic Experience

Source : TripAdvisor
As a luxury resort with 12 large villas, it's not enough only reviews about their rooms.The comfy rooms, is a little one of a wonderful moment you can get here. Another experience you can get on this resort is a chill-out cocktail bar, full service restaurant with national and international cuisine, a fully-equipped classroom for photographic groups and the one and only is a free form infinity pool!

Infinity Pool Concept Is Their Key

Source : Booking.com
The outside and infinity concept of this pool, makes people who swim below the water or enjoy above the water with sun-loungers get easy access to the bar. Take a focus on their pool tiles now!
It's used Indonesia natural stone also. Mosaic kuda laut or also known ceramic tiles kuda laut has been used as pool tiles for this amazing property.

One of International Stone Depot Projects on 2013

Source : manadosafaris.com

As an Indonesia natural stone supplier, Stone Depot really appreciated with a local resort which contributes natural stone in their projects. There's many ways to find suppliers of natural stone especially in Indonesia. But one of them, should be covered with high quality standards and international reputation, Stone Depot has proved. So proud to be a parts of this international property.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us on Whatsapp / Mobile Phone : +62 853 3690 6433 (Putri) or email us on  info@dw-corporation.com

Our experienced team will provide you with fast responses and kindly help you in making decision.