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Stunning Green Natural Pools with Sukabumi Stone in Trinidad & Tobago Project by Stone Depot

Stunning Green Natural Pools with Sukabumi Stone - Photo courtesy of Stone Depot Project in Trinidad & Tobago

The swimming pool is an essential object in a resort or hotel. This is also the X factor that can attract visitors. Sometimes the travelers are not only looking for a place to sleep, but they also need a tranquil site to relax too. So when they have spare time other than traveling around the hotel, the guests like to dip in the swimming pool just to relax a little bit, sipping the refreshing juice while dipping in the pool. It is not surprising that the hoteliers need to expect this and think about what kind of pool design they need to build. Whether it is simple or an Olympic-sized swimming pool, the materials are the key to construct and support the grand design.

One of the most important materials that we need to beautify the pool is the Green Sukabumi Stone. This is something that will make the pool looks amazing, shimmering, and attractive for the guests. It doesn't matter the size of the pool you build, the Green Sukabumi Stone will add the value of the pool. The stone comes from Indonesia, an archipelago country in South East Asia. In some countries, the Green Sukabumi Stone is also known as the Pedra Hijau Verde. It is one of the most popular and best-selling stones from Indonesia. From Dubai to Australia, from Thailand to Nusa Dua, the Green Sukabumi Stone decorated luxury swimming pool resort such as Bvlgari, Pattaya Resort, and also the Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali.

The Advantages of Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool

Advantages of Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool - Photo Courtesy of Stone Depot Project in Trinidad & Tobago
In this case, Stone Depot, a prominent Natural Stone supplier from Indonesia creates a brand new project in Trinidad & Tobago. You can take a look at the cliff-hanging swimming pool in the picture. It is quite small, yet it has a high aesthetic value for the guests as sometimes they just want to dip and enjoy the scenery. You don’t need to build a huge pool, a small but exquisite one is more than enough to keep the customers happy. The Stone Depot chooses the Green Sukabumi Stone because it fits with the concept of the pool. A small pool needs to look beautiful, clean, and attractive – the stone provides everything for its need.

But why they choose the Green Sukabumi Stone in this project? As we know that Stone Depot has a wide range variety of natural stones for the swimming pool. But in this case, they choose the Green Sukabumi Stone because it has a secret contained in it. Other than add the aesthetic value to your pool, the Green Sukabumi Stone is also promising low-maintenance effort in the future thanks to Zeolite substance.

The Zeolite is a chemical substance that naturally attached to the Green Sukabumi Stone. Once it is applied to your swimming pool, the substance helps to keep the pool clean as they act like the purifying agent. The Zeolite absorbs the bad odor, metals, and another residue that can contaminate the pool. That’s the reason the Stone Depot choose the Green Sukabumi Stone for the Trinidad & Tobago project. More info about Green Sukabumi Stone, please contact us through Whatsapp/mobile phone: +62 853-3690-6433 (Putri) or email us on: info@dw-corporation.com 

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Stone Depot News : Green Sukabumi Stone on Stock

Today, we would like to updated our Product Stock Of The Month. One of them is Green Sukabumi Stone. Green Sukabumi Stone is a special natural stone origin from West Java, Indonesia. This sukabumi green stone ready in stock with several options including size and surface finishes.

Here is the update detail information about our Product Stock Of The Month.

Stone Depot - Stock of The Month

Our green sukabumi stone with size 100x100x10mm has ready on stock for 400 m2. This item can be ordered for one container loaded or less than one container. Normally our capacity for order one container is 1,200m2. For the rest, we can produce it within 21 ~ 25 days for production time and ensure that all products will send based on schedule completion.

For further discussion regarding our Product Stock Of The Month, please do contact us through our Whatsapp/Mobile phone : +62 853-3690-6433 (Putri) or email us on : info@dw-corporation.com

Stone Depot News : Green Sukabumi Stone on Stock

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Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool

Green Sukabumi Stone - Product by Stone Depot

When it comes about the details, every material in the exterior and interior takes major part to make the whole construction looks perfect. Whether you build a front patio, outdoor pool, or even just renovating the living room, it is important to make sure that everything has the appropriate theme. One of the things that you need extra attention is the small detail that could ruin the whole concept. The tile is great example because it has texture, pattern, and also color that can match with the other parts of the construction. The selection of the right tiles will also lead to the experience since it would be the one that separate your foot and the earth. So, for a better experience and match your interior or exterior decoration, we suggest you to choose the greenSukabumi stone.

Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face - Amazing Chemical Substance and Texture 

Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face

The green Sukabumi stone is the perfect selection if you want to build an outdoor swimming pool. Keep in mind that building a swimming pool is not as easy as you think. Once you have done with the design and concept, the selection of materials is also a crucial part. You can use the regular tiles to cover the whole area but if you want something that not only giving you an exquisite look, the Sukabumi stone would give you the benefits too. This stone contains Zeolite, which known as chemical substance that can purify the water. It will cleanse the water by absorbing contaminants, metals, and also the bad odor. And it is 100% safe because this substance is harmless to humans.

Another benefit that you can get when you choose the Sukabumi stone is its amazing texture. The hard surface makes the users get comfortable footing experience for walk around the pool as it is not slippery for the pool deck. This green stone from Bali is also available in 2 color options which would make you free to create amazing pattern for the swimming pool. The plain green color based would be great for the pool wall cladding meanwhile the crystal green color would be great for the pool coping. The best part about this material is that the green Sukabumi stone is available in various cut size from the 10x10 cm to 30x60 cm which give you freedom to choose the size and match the swimming pool area.

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles - From Bali to The World

Green Sukabumi Stone Dubai - Photo courtesy of Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai (Project by Stone Depot)

With all these benefits, it is not surprising that a lot of 5-stars resort around the world prefer the Sukabumi stone as their basic materials for both outdoor and indoor swimming pool. It is not about its texture and size but also the ability to make sure the pool is clean and healthy. Keep in mind that when it comes about construction, the quality of the materials used determines the result so always choose the best product to get a better outcome. The green Sukabumi stone is available at Stone Depot which also provides various stone for various construction projects. Feel free to visit the official site for a further assistance in choosing the right stone materials.

Further details regarding our Green Sukabumi Stone product, please do contact us through Whatsapp/Mobile phone : +62 853-3690-6433 (Putri) or email us on : info@dw-corporation.com

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Indonesia Sunny Gray Pakistan - Your Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles

Reasons to Install Indonesia Sunny Gray Tiles, Your Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles in Pakistan

Indonesia sunny gray Sukabumi stone tiles in Pakistan are available to adorn all types of properties with the highest material quality.

Green Sukabumi Stone

Natural stone tiles from Indonesia are finding customers in tropical Asian countries, and Indonesia sunny gray Sukabumi stone tiles in Pakistan are among the most popular. This Indonesia green sukabumi stone are mined from the best quarries in West Java area, which are the main sources for various stone tiles produced in the country. Beautiful and sustainable, Indonesia green Sukabumi stone appears as a material of various projects, both inside and outside Indonesia. Pakistan is one of the countries that can benefit from Green Sukabumi, from the material’s characteristics to the design elements. Green sukabumi stone or Pakistan's people also known as Indonesia Sunny Gray is also perfect for both private and commercial properties, something that you should consider before developing a property.

Indonesia Sunny Gray – the Called of Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone in Pakistan

Green Sukabumi for Beautiful Swimming Pool - Photo courtesy of Australia Benjamin Young Homes

Pakistan is one of the Asian countries with a temperate climate, with scorching heat during the day and extreme cold at night. Buildings in this country should have the right materials to handle the changing weathers and temperatures. Indonesia sunny gray Sukabumi stone tiles in Pakistan is a great material to anticipate Pakistan’s weather patterns. Green sukabumi stone which can be found in Bali Island also famous for retaining the comfortable level of temperature. The surface feels colder during the day, but it retains the warmth when the evening comes. You will feel more comfortable when walking around and doing activities in a room with such material, especially if you want to reduce the use of air conditioning.

Indonesia sunny gray Sukabumi stone tiles in Pakistan also has a perfect appearance for typical buildings in Pakistan. Indonesia sunny gray or green sukabumi stone fits nicely with the emerald green colors. Green plain and crystal color is a nice neutral colors, and the Green sukabumi stone has such a deep shade that complements brighter or bolder colors. You can choose between plain and grain (“crystal color’) stone tiles to complement any parts of a property, such as a floor, walls, pools, and exterior wall cladding. If you plan to build a beautiful property in Pakistan, the stone can be a great option for creating astrong, beautiful architectural base.

Buy Indonesia Sunny Gray Pakistan – Stone Depot, Supplier of Indonesia Sunny Gray (Sukabumi Stone)

Green Sukabumi Color Selection by Stone Depot R&D's team

Indonesia has an abundant supply of Green Sukabumi stone tiles, but you should only order from a trusted stone supply. Stone Depot, for example, provides customized natural stone as the material for any properties, with over than 200 hundred clients in around 80 countries. You can build a house, villa, hotel, restaurant, or other commercial buildings, and the Sukabumi stone will fit right into the architecture. Each tile is cut and polished to your specifications, allowing you to get the best final look of your project. Order your Indonesia sunny gray Sukabumi stone tiles in Pakistan now, and build the most beautiful properties in Pakistan, either the private or commercial ones. For further details, please contact our team by Whatsapp/Mobile phone : +62 853-3690-6433 (Putri) or email us on : info@dw-corporation.com

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Sukabumi Stone Mexico : Exotic Green Sukabumi Stone at Grand Velas Los Cabos, Mexico

Discover the magic of Sukabumi Stone Mexico, as seen at Grand Velas Los Cabos luxurious resort, and why investing it with Stone Depot is worth all your effort.

In the world of swimming pools, pathways and resort, Sukabumi Stone Mexico has become something of a staple material. Like a match made in heaven, this green stone tile works best for those three kinds of project, producing a high-quality result that will leave you in awe. Not to mention, its exclusivity means that the stone tile is produced in Indonesia, which is then exported overseas. Mexico is among the destinations of Sukabumi stone tiles, where you can discover its elegance and charm at the exclusive Grand Velas Los Cabos luxurious resort. Looking at the grand presentation of the resort radiated from the stone, you’ll see why investing in Sukabumi stone is worth the cause.

Sukabumi Stone Mexico - What Makes Sukabumi Stone Mexico Special

Sukabumi Stone - Product by Stone Depot
Green sukabumi stone Mexico have been known for its natural luxury vibe, to which you might see even from afar. There are several reasons why the stone tile works that way, one of them being its special natural green and dark color. Said color can change to a brighter color in wet condition for a more elegant aesthetic. And to elevate its color even further, Sukabumi Stone Mexico can be made into different surface textures, ranging from smooth, sawn cut, honed, to natural rough. By combining all those traits, the green sukabumi stone becomes a popular choice for luxurious and high-end projects like a resort, swimming pool and pathway, as mentioned before.

Aside from the color and texture, Sukabumi Stone Mexico also has substances that makes it even more desirable. One of the most notable substances is the Zeolite substance that can reduce ammonia rate in a pool to make it fresh and clear. And due to its high-density rate and low water absorption rate of 3.38%, this Sukabumi stone tiles in Mexico are guaranteed to be very durable and water-resistant. Furthermore, the surface is easy to cool because it’s stable thermally, and is also anti-slip regardless of your surface texture, making it less prone to accidents. Knowing the whole traits, you can tell why the particular stone tile is highly sought-after.

Buy Green Sukabumi Stone Mexico - Start Investing in Sukabumi Stone Mexico for a Luxurious Finish
Bottom line, there’s really no particular reason why you shouldn’t apply Sukabumi stone tiles to your luxurious projects. They’re elegant, durable, anti-slip and tolerant against sudden change of temperature, which are all you need to produce a magnificent finishing touch. If you’re unsure about where to buy it, Stone Depot of PT D&W International is the place to be. Contact the stone supplier to purchase a plethora of amazing export-worthy natural stones, one of them being Sukabumi Stone Mexico. Plus, you can have an on-site checking to verify your stone quality and order different texture finish to it. All the services Stone Depot provides are to ensure that your investment in this stone is worth all the effort, like the result you can see at Grand Velas Los Cabos luxurious resort. 

For further details, please contact our team by Whatsapp/Mobile phone : +62 853-3690-6433 (Putri) or email us on : info@dw-corporation.com

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Bali Green Sukabumi Stone - Green Sukabumi Stone Aesthetic at VillaSound of the Sea Canggu, Bali

Green Sukabumi stone lends a great aesthetic for outdoor swimming pool, especially in a tropical villa like Villa Sound of the Sea Canggu, Bali. 

Green Sukabumi Stone  in Bali - Photo courtesy of Villa Sound of The Sea, Bali
Luxurious villas in Canggu, Bali, use green Sukabumi stone as one of their aesthetics. Villa Sound of the Sea in Canggu displays the green stone in its outdoor swimming pool. The green color of the Sukabumi stone blends perfectly with the tropical sky, garden, and the beach. The green stone has a perfect quality for a swimming pool at a luxurious property. You can use the Bali green sukabumi stone to bring a similar luxurious look in your own property, from a regular house to a mansion and private villa. Available in various sizes and forms, this Bali green stone is a perfect match for the swimming pool of any shape and size.

Bali Green Stone Tiles - Popular Stone for Traditional-style Villa

Villa Sound of the Sea combines traditional rural elements in its designs. The property uses a lot of natural elements in its buildings, including natural stones, wood, and that etched roofs. Green Sukabumi stone has a perfect look to match the entire design. It has a subtle, soft green color in its original shape, which looks slightly more prominent after undergoing cutting and polishing process. When submerged in the water, green sukabumi stone reveals a deeper tone, which looks inviting and refreshing under the hot tropical sun. This is the reason why the outdoor pool becomes the villa’s main feature for its outdoor facilities.

Villa Sound of the Sea pairs the Bali green Sukabumi stone with a tropical-style wooden deck. The stone’s turquoise color looks more brilliant under the sun, surrounded by dark grey stone tiles. It lends a relaxing vibe, especially with the loungers, umbrellas, pool bar, traditional gazebos, and decorative trees that surround the pool. It directly faces the beach, complementing the clear blue sky during the brightest days. The wooden deck pairs nicely with the pool’s refreshing look. You can copy this design for a private home, especially if you have a large yard with a good view and want to build an outdoor pool on it.

Green Sukabumi Stone - Tips to Pair Green Sukabumi Stone for Pools

Bali green stone tiles are ideal for pairing in construction. You can build the pool’s edges from tiles that will not absorb water, such as ceramics, lava stone, or marble. If you want to use basalt stone, make sure that the tiles are coated to protect them from water damage. You can build the pool above the ground by fitting it in a wooden deck, sealed to reduce the risk of water damage. Adding greens, such as shady trees and bushes, around the green Sukabumi stone tiles will increase the level of comfort when you are entering the water.

More info about Bali green sukabumi stone, please contact Stone Depot team through Whatsapp / Mobile Phone : +62 811 201 480 (Winsen) or email on : winsen@dw-corporation.com

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Green Sukabumi Stone - Why More Luxury Resort Choose Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone - Color Variance
Natural stones from Indonesia get more recognitions every year. Green Sukabumi stone tiles, for example, have adorned international properties in around 50 countries, including the new ones. Coming from the stone mines in West Java, these green stones offer unique elegance and benefits for any construction projects. The stone is popular as tiles, especially for swimming pools and any underwater constructions. If you plan to build a resort or other hospitality buildings, adding green stone tiles from Indonesia will add values to the property. It’s not surprising that the stone became the right option for various resorts and hotels, including the luxurious ones.

One of the most prominent uses of Green Sukabumi stone outside Indonesia is at The Bulgari Yacht Club. Managed by Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai, this club features a beautiful seaside outdoor pool. It has green Sukabumi stone tiles that give the pool a beautiful dark turquoise shade under Dubai’s scorching sun. Another luxury resort that uses these tiles is the Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa in Thailand. It has an infinity pool that faces the ocean, with green tiles that look brilliant under the sun. Other properties that use them include Noble Gable in Koh Samui, Madge Mansion in Malaysia, and Salani Surf Resort in Samoa Island.

Why did these resorts use green Sukabumi stone tiles for their pools? One obvious reason is the stone’s ability to retain its temperature. Many of these resorts have outdoor pools, and they need materials that don’t feel scorching hot during the day. Green Sukabumi stone is a type of zeolite, which stays cool during the day and warm at night. The tiles make guests more comfortable when swimming in the pool whenever they feel like. Indonesian stone supplier such as Stone Depot also provides high-quality natural stones from the country’s best mines. They are ideal for upscale construction projects, such as luxury resorts.

Five-star resorts put emphasize in high standards, which include the quality of their pools. Green Sukabumi stone is a form of mineral called zeolite, known as a natural “filter”. The stone’s pores can capture particles that float in the water. They can also reduce unpleasant smell and weird colors from a swimming pool (at certain degrees). These properties make green Sukabumi stone an ideal material for pools in family-friendly resorts because the material reduces health risks. You can order Green Sukabumi stone tiles easily from Stone Depot – Indonesia Natural Stone Supplier. We’re experiences in supplying stones for international resort-building projects add credibility to the green stone’s reputations.

If you have inquiry of Green Sukabumi Stone please contact us:

Stone Depot (PT D&W Internasional)

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Biz Center Oasis Blok A VII No 9
Kawasan Grage City – Cirebon 45113
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