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Beach-themed Swimming Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone

The beach-themed swimming pool concept is one of the best concepts ever! This concept is often applied to resorts or hotels located on the beach. Instead of building a swimming pool in a separate area, usually, a swimming pool is built right on the beach so that there is harmony between nature and the building.

Not only that, some resorts even dare to add a twist by making an infinity pool by the beach. This concept is at the highest level considering that the combination of an infinity pool and white sand beach is something that is very amazing to watch. If you think of building a beachside swimming pool, then you also have to make sure that you have chosen the right material.

Simple Tips To Make Beach Pool Concept

Beach-themed swimming pool at Pattaya Resort in Thailand

We know that in a swimming pool project, there are many aspects that must be taken into account appropriately. We have to make sure the size, area, the concept of the swimming pool, to the material used must be able to support the idea you want to realize. Before starting a swimming pool construction project, you must make sure everything is neatly listed so that it can be executed carefully.

In this case, we recommend using Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles, natural stone that has been processed so that it is available in the form of tiles that are easier to apply in swimming pool projects. Regardless of all the planning, you have made, Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles will make the beach pool concept come true perfectly.

Tropical Swimming Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles

Beach-themed swimming pool at Chisinau, Moldova

Beach-themed swimming pools are usually used in hotels or resorts in the tropics. The combination of all of them will create a beautiful harmony, making anyone want to stay longer in the place. If you want to replicate this concept, then you must also need materials that will strengthen the tropical impression of the swimming pool.

Green Sukabumi stone tiles come offering a green color that is typical of the tropics. These characteristics become patterns that make everyone agree that this natural stone is the right choice for swimming pools. Green Sukabumi stone tiles will give a cool and calming impression, making the swimming pool like an oasis that quenches thirst by providing freshness. The tropical feel will be more attached considering that the green Sukabumi stone tiles will ensure that the pool water feels cool.

The Distinctive of Bali Natural Green Pools

Seen under a microscope, we can see that the Green Sukabumi stone tiles have pores that act like air circulation. These pores will ensure that heat energy will not be absorbed and stored in the tiles, but will be channeled naturally so that the pool temperature will not increase even in the summer. This is one of the uniqueness of Green Sukabumi stone which makes it chosen as the main material for pool tiling in world-famous hotels and resorts. In addition, this natural stone also has an anti-slip feature that will provide a good grip. Even in wet conditions, this natural stone is not slippery so it is safe to use as a pool tiling.

To get in-depth information regarding the order process of this Green Sukabumi stone, consider sending an inquiry through email at [email protected] or via WhatsApp/Mobile phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri). The renowned Stone Depot Indonesia will professionally handle your order.

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Look How Great Our Green Sukabumi Pool Project in 2021

Suppose you have been to Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai. In that case, you might wonder what kind of stones the resort used to create such an elegant pool that can radiate a serene atmosphere? The elegance is born from the Green Sukabumi stone tiles manufactured by the esteemed Stone Depot Indonesia.

What Kind of Stone is That?

Green Sukabumi stone pool project at Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai by Stone Depot

Green Sukabumi stone, also popularly known as Pedra Hijau, is one of the best natural stones available in Indonesia only. Like any other natural stone, this emerald green colored stone can generate a rich natural look that is soothing to the eye.

The unique characteristics of this green natural stone become one of the many reasons why Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai and another five-star resorts across the globe, including Pattaya Resort in Thailand using this particular stone for their swimming pools.

Green Sukabumi has a natural green hue that will make any pool appear more exotic. Anyone chilling by the pool can even enjoy the light reflecting in the water, making it appear more mesmerizing.

What Makes It Special?                                 


Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool project at Renaissance Pattaya Spa & Resort in Thailand

In addition to its color, this stone comes with features that can maintain the pool temperature to remain stable.

For that reason, Bulgari Resort, which is located in a tropical desert zone where heat can rise quickly, is installing this natural stone for aesthetic purposes and keeping the outdoor and pool areas cool.

This green-colored stone is also notable for its property to keep pool water cleared, thanks to zeolites contained within. It’s minerals that are effective at lowering ammonium levels in pool water.

This mineral also absorbs some metals that usually accumulate in outdoor pools, including phosphates and magnesium. It becomes another reason why most resorts like Renaissance Pattaya in Thailand making use of this stone to ensure their water remains pristine and free of bacteria.

How to Order Green Sukabumi Stone?

Are you thinking about selecting this natural stone for your pool construction requirements? There is no need for you to look any further, for Stone Depot Indonesia has it available for purchase. 

It is a prominent natural stone provider based in Indonesia that functions as a manufacturer and as an exporter. The company has served customers from over 50 regions and countries across the globe.

If you are looking for Pedra Hijau stone here, you will have three available finishings: rock/split face, sawn cut, and honed. Additionally, it comes with two different types of motives, crystal and plain. The available sizes are also varied, ranging from 10x10 cm to 30x60 cm.

To get in-depth information regarding the order process of this Green Sukabumi stone, consider sending an inquiry through email at [email protected] or via WhatsApp/Mobile phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri). The renowned Stone Depot Indonesia will professionally handle your order.

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Look Minimalist Pool with Green Stone Tiles in Moldova

For non-professionals, tiling may appear simple at a glance, but it entails a lot more. The exquisite Green Stone tiles define a simple minimalist pool design with Moldova's economic and industrial capital resorts. This project, which utilized Stone Depot Indonesia's product, successfully emphasized a sense of simplicity.

Minimalist Pool in Moldova by Stone Depot

Minimalist pool with Green Stone Tiles for Moldova project by Stone Depot

The pool at one of the resorts in Moldova’s capital city is one of the many examples of how designing a minimalist pool does not imply compromising other elements. Particularly those features that can improve its practicability while also creating a pleasing visual impression.

The Chisinau resort management purposefully employs various materials to differentiate the lounge area from the pool. It is designed to maximize the practicality of a minimalist swimming pool that is both appealing and functional.

Indeed, building a minimalist pool at such a small resort does not require ample space. Instead, it merely requires a space-saving pool design. Aside from that, its pool base's material, which uses Green Stone tiles, has been thoughtfully selected. 

The use of Green Stone in the swimming pool is not without cause. While many natural stone tiles are equally perfect for use in modern pools, this stone has something that others do not.

What Makes Green Stone Tiles Distinctive? 

Natural green swimming pool with tropical and calmness ambiance

One of the most distinctive features of this green stone is its natural hue, which changes depending on the weather. The natural green shade of the stone tiles will appear more radiant when used in tropical locations like Indonesia throughout the dry season.

Meanwhile, the stone tiles will seem darker during the wet season. The elegant combination of these two hues creates a striking contrast in the swimming pool. Furthermore, this stone's distinct hue makes it appropriate for other uses, such as wall cladding.

Green Stone is recognized for its high degree of durability in addition to its hue. Durability itself is one of the many crucial aspects that need to be considered when choosing pool materials.

The stone has small-sized holes that can reduce the level of water entering the stone. These tiny holes are significant because they can provide a firm grip to lessen the chance of slipping on some wet regions.

One last thing, Green Stone is your best natural stone should you want to have a pool that appears as though you are frequently keeping it clean. If you are considering this natural stone, you can send inquiries to Stone Depot via WhatsApp/Mobile phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email [email protected] At Stone Depot, you can determine the pattern, cuts, and sizes of the Green Stone tiles you desire.

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Does Bali Green Stone Tiles Perfect for Private Pool? Find Out Here!

Bali green stone tiles for a summer swimming pool in Amankila Resort (Photo courtesy of Amankila Resort)

Bali, ever heard of that name before? Also known as Indonesia's island of paradise, it feels like summer every day. For those who had visited Bali before, you probably noticed that most outdoor pools in hotels, private villas, or even resorts have beautiful green stones as their tiles. Can you guess the name? It is Bali Green Stone tiles.

It turns out that the natural green stone is also well known on the island that's famous worldwide. You might find this stone similar to the Green Sukabumi Stone since they are actually the same. Another alias for the Pedra Hijau Verde is known in Brazil's natural stone market. Even though this particular stone has three names, the quality remains the same and originates from Indonesia.

Perfect for Private Pools

Beautiful private pool with Bali green stone tiles at Australian Private Home

Having a rough decision on what tile you are going to use for your private pool? Consider using Bali Green Stone tiles! You can use these beautiful and elegant-looking natural stones to create your own resort-looking private pool. The type of finishing used for this kind of usage is Honed and Sawn Cut. This stone has an anti-slip nature even if they are wet, making them the perfect pool tiles apart from their looks.

This natural quartz is thermally stable, and it can make your pool stay cool even in hot weather. Apart from that, they are also durable; they can last longer than artificial ones and have corrosion resistance. This stone is also known for containing Zeolite, a natural compound that can purify and detoxify the pool's water. However, scheduled pool maintenance is still necessary to help the Zeolite to perform even better.

Other Aesthetic Use?

Bali green stone with the rough face texture

Other applications of this particular stone are for walls. You may not notice it, but there are many resorts, hotels, and villas that use it to make the walls more aesthetically pleasing. The type of finishing that is likely to be used is the Rough Face; the rough random texture gives its own special characteristic touch of beauty. If you don't like it, other finishing options include the Honed and Sawn Cut, just like those for the pool tiles. However, you need to consult this with your architect/designer beforehand to get the most out of it.

Where to Order Bali Green Stone Tiles?

Are you considering choosing high-quality Bali Green Stone tiles for your private house and pool? Look no further. You can order it at Stone Depot Indonesia, an Indonesian natural stone supplier operating since 2006. It has served clients from over 80 countries worldwide that can be seen in their website's project gallery. On Stone Depot Indonesia, there are two motives, namely Plain Green-based and Crystal Green-based.

Please kindly send an inquiry through Whatsapp/Mobile Phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email [email protected] for more information regarding tile sizes, types of finishing, as well as to place your order! Stone Depot Indonesia's experience in handling and exporting high-quality stones will certainly be your number 1 supplier in making your natural haven into reality.

Does Bali Green Stone Tiles Perfect for Private Pool? Find Out Here!

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5 Bali Pool Ideas to Relax in The Weekend

Bali natural stone is a premium building natural stone for wall cladding, floor, and swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this Bali natural stone to improve natural ambiance. If you need to find a Bali natural stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: https://wa.me/6285336906433  (Putri) or email: [email protected]

The swimming pool is the most pleasant feature a home can have. This will become a favorite place for all family members. The kids will definitely be happy because they have a place to relax in the summer. In addition, the swimming pool is also the best place to hold an outdoor party. In other words, everyone is happy if there is a swimming pool in the backyard of the house. On the other hand, many people want to fulfill their dream of owning beautiful swimming pools. If you are one of them, this is the right time to make your dream swimming pool a reality. For reference, there are some of the best swimming pool ideas that will provide inspiration for swimming pool projects. We've put it together and you're free to make the crazy idea come true!

Swimming Pool Ideas Just to Feel Relax & Happy

Bali Tropical Pool

Fresh outdoor swimming pool with Mozaik kuda Laut in Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

One idea that is unique and easy to apply is the concept of a tropical swimming pool. No matter how big or small your swimming pool project is, using a tropical concept will make the swimming pool the best place to relax. Even in summer, the swimming pool with Mozaik Kuda Laut for the pool floors will be everyone's favorite place. Adding some vegetation and shrubs around the pool will make it look more natural with a very thick tropical feel.

Small Infinity Pool

A small relaxing pool with green Sukabumi stone tiles in Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali

Inspired by the swimming pools of luxury hotels in Bali, the infinity pool concept is one of the most frequently used for large projects. However, in this project, you don't need a large area to realize this swimming pool idea. A small infinity pool with green Sukabumi stone will transform into the best place in your home. Moreover, with the addition of a thick Balinese feel, this swimming pool will amaze you with the wild ideas that we offer.

Pool with Mini-Bar

Modern pool with green Sukabumi and minibar aside at Pattaya Resort, Thailand

Let's take it to the next level. If you want something unusual, you can build a small swimming pool with the addition of a minibar. It will be an exotic place, a great place to enjoy the summer by sipping your favorite drink. Now you can enjoy the pool in a new and unusual way. Who wouldn't be impressed by this concept? None!

Beach-themed Swimming Pool

Beautiful large pool for feel the calm and cozy atmosphere

This is the solution for those of you who are deep in love with Bali. We can see that there are many beachside pools in Bali and now you can have them in your home. Even though you are far from the beach, you can create a swimming pool with a thick beach-themed concept. Add a large pool umbrella, pergola, and a touch of nature by creating white sand landscaping around the pool. This method will allow you to enjoy the feel of the beach behind your house!

Minimalist Pool

Minimalist pool for kids with Bali pool tile in Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali

If you have no clue what to build, just go with the minimalist concept. Using Bali natural stone as the pool tiles will create a minimalist yet thick with Balinese nuance. This is a simple idea that will blow your mind because the result is mesmerizing.

Stone Depot is the leading natural stone company that can assist you to choose a suitable natural stone tile for your private pool. If any further assistance you need, please feel free to contact us through our Whatsapp/Mobile Phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email us at [email protected]

5 Bali Pool Ideas to Relax in The Weekend

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Tropical-Family Pool with Sukabumi Stone at Sofitel Bali Resort

Green Sukabumi Stone is a premium Bali natural stone for the simple and elegant swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find a Bali natural stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: https://wa.me/6285336906433  (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Sofitel Bali The resort, a magnificent 5-star beachfront resort with beautifully manicured pools and gardens against an exquisite length of white sand facing the Indian Ocean, offers a perfect combination of French grandeur and distinctive Balinese culture. Take a leisure stroll through lush walkways or cool down in the centerpiece lagoon pool. If you’re traveling with family, you’re in luck, because Sofitel Bali Resort offers a wide variety of family and kids-friendly facilities. Ranging from the gorgeous Sukabumi stone-tiled tropical pool to the comfortable in-room services, you’ll definitely want to visit Sofitel Bali Resort for this summer holiday. 

Wanting to enjoy your honeymoon but afraid that no one will look after your child? No worries. A kids club immerses young visitors in a fascinating world of exploration. Sofitel Bali Resort welcomes guests to explore its luxurious beachside facilities for a wonderful Bali vacation. It is also strategically located, only about 10 minutes from the airport and major sights within easy driving distance.

Family Facilities at Sofitel Bali Resort

The Sofitel Bali Resort's 451 guest rooms are all big, clean, and modern. Sleek hardwood flooring and neutral tones provide a clean look that is enhanced by carved wooden furniture, large standing lamps, and soft gray sofas. Artsy touches like patterned carpets and wall panels make the look even more luxurious.

The lagoon pool with natural ambiance

Some rooms have direct access to the lagoon pool of the building, while higher-category rooms and villas feature butler service, private pools, and designer amenities. Each bathroom is semi-open and has marble countertops, huge soaking tubs, rainfall showers, and free amenities. 

Aside from that, Sofitel Bali Resort also offers a range of outdoor family facilities. Guests will have a great time relaxing outdoors throughout the day and, in the evening, enjoying sundowners in the semi-open rooftop bar with beautiful views of the grounds. The hotel's family-friendly features attract many guests with children, and many couples stay here as well. Guests should be advised that during school vacations, the hotel might get extremely busy.

Why Sukabumi stone is suitable for family pool

The pool with Sukabumi stone to create a family-friendly pool time

The advantages of Sukabumi stone makes it a perfect candidate to decorate a family-friendly pool. You probably didn't anticipate a stone to have an extremely porous useful mineral called Zeolite, aside from entertaining spectators or swimmers. It works flawlessly to absorb hazardous elements in water that your naked eyes would not detect, making it suitable for children and babies.

This gorgeous stone is also one of the safest materials for pools due to its anti-slip characteristics. It is also quite durable, allowing for long-term usage without the need for major rebuilding. Sukabumi stone is also water-resistant, which adds to its appeal. Say goodbye to slick tiles!

Where to purchase Sukabumi stone

We take pride in offering high-quality Sukabumi stone at Stone Depot. Stone Depot is a Bali-based stone firm that has delivered stone products to customers for over 50 countries. Get a high-quality Sukabumi stone from Bali to build a natural pool refuge on your lawn.

Stone Depot is the leading natural stone company that can assist you to choose a suitable natural stone tile for your private pool. If any further assistance you need, please feel free to contact us through our Whatsapp/Mobile Phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email us at [email protected]

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Create a Beautiful Pool with Green Sukabumi

Green Sukabumi Stone is a premium Bali natural stone for the simple and elegant swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find a Bali natural stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: https://wa.me/6285336906433  (Putri) or email: [email protected]

If you're a huge fan of traveling, you must've realized the elegance of luxury swimming pools such as in Dubai hotels, Bulgari resorts, or Renaissance Pattaya Resort in Thailand. Its elegance doesn't only come from its architecture and design but also from its tiles. Green Sukabumi or Pedra Hijau exudes elegance and is frequently used for stunning swimming pool tiles and eye-catching landscape designs. It is an excellent choice for outdoor usage because of its durability, thermal stability, and non-slip qualities. It also contains Zeolite, a natural component that aids in water purification. Your swimming pool will be cleaner and healthier with the aid of Green Sukabumi stone, which has Zeolite within.

The wonderful swimming pool in Dubai with Green Sukabumi

Whether you're a client or an interior designer looking for the perfect material to build your dream swimming pool, Green Sukabumi will become your best pick due to its excellent qualities. However, before you start, let's dive into these five tips to install Green Sukabumi so that it'll look perfect and intact!

Use the right adhesive

When putting Green Sukabumi tiles, make sure your surface is clean and free of any previous coatings like paint or wax. Incorporating expansion joints keeps the tiles from breaking when they move, and you may need to reconsider your grout choice to accommodate.                             

Depending on the glue, it may be necessary to prepare it by combining and stirring before use. Your glue will be determined by the substrate utilized, and it is critical to take notice of any advice regarding how long the adhesive will last when combined. Avoid water-containing adhesives for long-term usage.

Mix natural colors for a better result

Green Sukabumi stone installation at Philippines project

One of the benefits of utilizing natural stone is that no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Whether you're building a Green Sukabumi wall or making a water feature, you'll get a stunning mix of green colors.

When your material arrives from the store, open each color variation crate and utilize some to truly vary the colors throughout your design.

Seal your Green Sukabumi with waterline sealant

Green Sukabumi does not need to be sealed if utilized in dry places, such as garden landscaping or in the house. However, if you are utilizing natural stone for your pool, you must seal the tiles at the waterline. Before applying the sealant, make sure the tiles are clean and dry and keep them free from water or extreme temperatures for at least 12 hours.

Green Sukabumi, unlike certain other forms of natural stone, has a naturally low absorption rate and is extremely water-resistant.

Where to buy Green Sukabumi                                      

Green Sukabumi stone is easily found in Bali, Java, and Nusa Tenggara as there's a high demand in those three locations. While the name is Green Sukabumi, you can find the stone in multiple hues, such as dark gray or light turquoise, which will make your pool more attractive. If you're looking for a high-quality store to purchase Green Sukabumi, head over to Stone Depot—an Indonesian-based tiles supplier that provides Green Sukabumi stone in various sizes and textures.

Stone Depot is the leading natural stone company that can assist you to choose a suitable natural stone tile for your private pool. If any further assistance you need, please feel free to contact us through our Whatsapp/Mobile Phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email us at [email protected]