Kamis, 26 November 2020

Bali Swimming Pool with the Incredible Views Deliver Wow Experience at Baobab Safari Resort

Bali has always been the top choice for travelers from all over the world who want to enjoy a blend of beauty and tradition. This small island, also named Paradise Island, is known as the best tourist spot in the world. Travelers from various countries are willing to travel long distances just to be here. Not only that, they also seem to want to always enjoy Balinese nuances wherever they go. It's not surprising that some resorts outside Bali island try to build the same feel with a different twist. Like Baobab Safari Resort, a resort with a typical African jungle style that still gives a Balinese touch by presenting a Balinese swimming pool.

Breathtaking View of African Wilderness and Bali Swimming Pool

Breathtaking scenery around the Bali swimming the pool at Baobab Safari Resort

Baobab Safari Resort is situated in the province of East Java, just west of Bali province. This resort is often visited by tourists from all over the world who want to experience the sensation of the wilderness of Africa. Baobab Safari Resort offers an unusual experience because you can see wildlife roaming and forage around the resort. You can open the window from your room and you will see a stunning view of wildlife in the vicinity. Not only that, but you can also see from the bedroom window that a Balinese swimming pool tries to tempt you to come down and enjoy the freshness. Who can resist this temptation?

The Bali swimming pool style is not the main attraction, yet it attracts more people to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. This combination makes Baobab Safari Resort becomes one of the most popular hotels in West Java. It is hard to imagine that people wouldn’t like the idea of the African wilderness and the tropical breeze of the Balinese-styled pool. This is a combination that only heaven can have, yet you can taste it on Earth. Even though the swimming pool is not too big, but it is enough to give you a fresh dip in the middle of summertime. Plus, you can see the wildlife roaming in the vicinity while swarming around the pool.

Keramik Kuda Laut for the Bali Swimming Pool Tiles at Baobab Safari Resort

The best part about Bali swimming pool style at the Baobab Safari Resort is that you can feel the authentic feel of Balinese nuances. This pool uses the Bali Pool Ceramic Tile or also known as Keramik Kuda Laut that used by most of the swimming pools in Bali. The tropical feel is strong, it is suitable with the concept offered by the resort, making visitors want to come again and again in the years to come. Now you have options on how you want to enjoy your time at this resort. Watching the wildlife goes on can’t be as luxurious as this, where the blend of Balinese nuances and African taste become one.

This is a clear example that the Bali swimming pool style is suitable for almost every construction project. Whether you bring African, Mediterranean, or even Middle Eastern style, the Balinese pool style will always match and blend into one. Just like what you see at the Baobab Safari Resort, the pool delivers a wow experience for the visitors. 

Bali Swimming Pool with the Incredible Views Deliver Wow Experience at Baobab Safari Resort

Jumat, 20 November 2020

Holiday Inn Resort Bali and Things That Can Deliver Positivity to Your Mind, Body, and Brain

People need happy and relax. That's why sometimes take a vacation in the New Year's holiday can make people feel enthusiastic. Don't you?

By the way, as the moment to relaxing your mind, body, and brain, considering the perfect place to stay in your vacation is very important. If you need a place that full of peace and a cozy atmosphere, you can try to visit the Holiday Inn Resort, Bali. How special the place for you?

The Exotic Bali Pool Style with Mozaik Kuda Laut

The Exotic Bali Swimming Pool with Mozaik Kuda Laut at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

What do you think if you take a vacation in a hotel with outstanding views like a beach? Yap, it's really awesome!

Holiday Inn Resort in Bali has a large blue swimming pool which can attract a visitor's eyes. The pool has used the Balinese style on the pool. The exotic blue color of the pool comes from the usage of Mozaik Kuda Laut for the pool tile. Mozaik Kuda Laut also known as Balinese ceramic tile for swimming pool. It's a famous ceramic tile for the pool since the tile was introduced in the "Eat, Pray and Love" movie. People can recharge themselves in the pool with outstanding views like a beach there. The trees, plants, and flowers were surrounded by the place to improve the natural ambiance around the pool. That's why people can feel happy and relax after swimming in the Bali pool style there.

It's not the end.

If we look at the picture above deeply, there was a unique black stone tile for the pool deck. It is a Black Lava stone pool tile. Black Lavastone or also known as Black Temple Stone is a type of igneous rock which originally discovered from the Merapi Mountain. Black Lavastone has elegant colors. It brings the elegance and exoticism of the pool to increase to the next level.

Durable and Elegance Wall Cladding with Black Lavastone

The durable and elegance Black Lavastone Wall Cladding at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

Holiday Inn Resort, Bali used the Black Lavastone for the pool deck swimming and wall cladding parts. It is because the stone has good durability and versatility. People can feel different from the outstanding wall cladding and swimming pool there. Black lava stone with random cladding as an example. The patterns combine with the elegant black color of the stone perfectly. It creates a unique and tropical ambiance to the building. No matters it used for interior or exterior wall cladding, Bali Lava stone can create beauty perfection and good durability for the walls. By the views of elegant Bali black lava stone wall cladding, people can feel back at nature truly!

Pavers with Its Own Class

The unique stone pavers from Bali Grey Basalt at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

Another special thing that Holiday Inn Resort has had to mesmerize the visitor's eye is the pavers which used Bali grey basalt natural stone. What special it is? Bali grey basalt is one of the most famous natural stone from Indonesia. Its durability, unique-characteristics, and versatility can improve the pavers to the next level. People can feel different while spotting their feet on the land. It will make them special as the child of God. It because the pavers used from natural material such as natural stone tile.

Have you ever imagine come to a place that can deliver positivity to your mind, body, and brain? Consider the Holiday Inn Resort, Bali to your holiday list and enjoy your favorite spot there!

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Holiday Inn Resort Bali and Things That Can Deliver Positivity to Your Mind, Body, and Brain