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Local Bali White Marble and Its Project

Nowadays, there are many family-friendly restaurants, especially for older people and children. They apply a comfortable indoor and outdoor concept to the restaurant so it can accommodate a large family. One of those restaurants is Uni Restaurant in Bali, which builds a simple idea so everyone can hang out with family, friends, and relatives there.

Local White Marble

Some Projects That Use Bali White Marble From Stone Depot

Uni Restaurant in Bali is one of the restaurants with a unique casual dining concept. It is made with wood elements and local white marble decorations that give a warm impression to the cashier counter. With a capacity of 70 people. 

This natural stone producer of all sizes provides local white marble and installation services such as at Resto Uni, Bali. Marble is one of Indonesia's most widely used building materials, both for exterior and interior. Marble is very suitable to be applied to complement the interior, especially for floors. 

This material can be obtained at Stone Depot, which provides various types of natural stones of different sizes. Stone Depot has done many works or projects, and one of them is at Resto Uni, Bali.

This unique and conceptual restaurant owned by chefs Steven Skelly and Nicolas Lento is a new Stone Depot project. This restaurant is located on Berawa Beach, Bali provides a comfortable place to eat dishes from Japanese and French cultures. The floor of the restaurant is covered with local white marble material. It is combined with beautiful and elegant wooden furniture to provide diners with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 

The white marble is come from local materials and has a competitive price. Great results can be obtained with the good and careful installation of marble floors. Installation by experienced personnel will undoubtedly give more satisfactory results, not least for local marble floors. The interior inside the restaurant has an artistic feel with local white marble floors. This floor covering has a dominant white color with an elegant appearance.

Local White Marble For Room’s Interior

Combined with wood material, the restaurant interior looks lovely and natural. The beauty of local white marble in the room's interior also provides comfort and a contemporary feel in this restaurant. It is called local white marble because the production of this material is from within the country. 

Some areas known as sources of natural stone materials such as Sukabumi Stone Price are Yogyakarta, Tulung Agung, and many more. The fabric in the form of chunks of stone found will be cut using a cutting machine to become a slab. Natural stone in the form of marble has many styles or types, and one of them is marble with a dominant white color. The marble slab is then cut again to make elbows and adjusted in size according to market demand. 

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Kamis, 23 Juni 2022

Sukabumi Stone Philippines For Minimalist House Exterior

Natural stone is indeed suitable to be an alternative in decorating the front of the house with a minimalist style. Natural stone is indeed appropriate to be an alternative in decorating the front of the house with a minimalist style. Not all natural stone can be installed outdoors because the resistance of natural stone is different. So what are the tips and ways to apply the use of natural stone? You can read it below.

Sukabumi Stone Philippines

Sukabumi Stone Philippines for House Exterior

For the front of the house exterior in a minimalist style, natural stone with calm, soft, and plain texture is the right choice. Meanwhile, you can use this stones or split stones for a traditional style house. But if you want a minimalist home with a substantial stone application, natural slate stone can be the solution. This natural stone is perfect for the foundation of your building, and it is easy to attach as a wall cladding. Meanwhile, if you want a stone resistant to weather, fungus, and moss, you can use andesite natural stone. 

Sukabumi Stone Philippines by Stone Depot has so many types of natural stone that you can choose one of them as a building material for your house. There are many natural stones by Stone Depot with export quality. Preparation techniques on natural stone also vary. There are manual drafting techniques that can produce lovely and unique textures. There is also a preparation technique using cladding were to use several colors at once, which are then arranged randomly or sequentially.

A minimalist house with the right blend of natural stone will make an elegant and spacious impression. On the other hand, the combination of natural stone with the wrong room color choice makes a minimalist home look narrow. One natural stone type that can be used for home materials is temple stone. This stone has the advantage of being cheaper than andesite stone. You can use them with random patterns for a fancy look. 

Primarily if used for the house's exterior, it will look beautiful when exposed to rain. It seems like it just finished coating. Andesite stone is another famous type of natural stone because it's weather-resistant and anti-moss stone. No wonder this stone is applied to beautify your minimalist home. You can use it on the outside or inside of the house. A minimalist house with brush coral application can improve its beauty. It is because this stone has a variety of colors and patterns. 

The price is also lower than other natural stones, so it is not surprising if this stone is very popular as a house material. Sukabumi stone Philippines by Stone Depot has any natural stone that can beautify your home.

Price and Budget of Sukabumi Stone Philippines

In the planning stage of designing a house, you should also adjust the budget. The more solid the natural stone to be used, the more expensive the price will be. The type of design and the method of installation also impact the budget that must be spent. It would be nice for you to survey the prices listed and streamline the budget in designing natural stone applications in your minimalist home. Sukabumi stone Philippines provides all you need about natural stone. 

Stone Depot's team can help you achieve the aesthetic minimalist house that you’re looking for. You can consult with Stone Depot’s team via WhatsApp https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri), phone (+62 231 8802888), or email ([email protected]).