Sabtu, 29 Juni 2019

Indonesia Natural Stone Project - Find Out The International Stone Depot Project on Bunaken Resort and Spa Manado

Many people investing their money in property because the global fastest-growing in property markets, includes Indonesia. There is a wonderful popular property on another side of Indonesia with exotic blue and green views on around. It's Bunaken Oasis and Spa Manado. This resort located in Manado, North Sulawesi.  As a perfect place for diving and get a spa, you will set this resort as your next plan journey oncoming holiday.

A Beautiful Property Depends On How Choose Building Materials

Bunaken Oasis and Spa Manado have proven that a beautiful property depends on how to choose building materials. Many parts of Bunaken's rooms using natural stone as their secondary materials, especially on their walls. When we take a look once again, they using Indonesia natural stone as wall cladding which have durable and elegance appearance. It's an andesite stone. Andesite stone on this property looks more amazing with strip cladding design. The color of this stone also looks like a perfect suit when combining with furniture in rooms. All of these values are only for the visitor's satisfaction. This resort has been proving it with natural stone!

Luxury Resort With Full Fantastic Experience

As a luxury resort with 12 large villas, it's not enough only reviews about their rooms. The comfy rooms is a little one of a wonderful moment you can get here. Another experience you can get on this resort is a chill-out cocktail bar, full-service restaurant with national and international cuisine, a fully-equipped classroom for photographic groups, and the one and only is a free form infinity pool!

Infinity Pool Concept Is Their Key

The outside and infinity concept of this pool, makes people who swim below the water or enjoy above the water with sun-loungers get easy access to the bar. Take a focus on their pool tiles now!
It's used Indonesia natural stone also. Mosaic kuda Laut or also known ceramic tiles kuda laut has been used as pool tiles for this amazing property.

As an Indonesia natural stone supplier, Stone Depot really appreciated a local resort that contributes natural stone in their projects. There are many ways to find suppliers of natural stone, especially in Indonesia. But one of them should be covered with high-quality standards and international reputation, Stone Depot has proved. So proud to be a part of this international property.

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