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Build Luxury House with Bali Natural Stone

 Bali Natural Stone - The presence of natural stone as the exterior of the building can increase the aesthetic value of the building. Currently, natural stone is not only used as a wall covering. Natural stone can be used as a fence combined with plants and trees to make the atmosphere shadier. The price of natural stone per meter varies greatly. Of course, it depends on the type and motif of the natural stone itself. Natural stone cladding for the fence can be one of the inspirations that make the house look luxurious.

Types of Bali Natural Stone For Fence Material

Bali Natural Stone by Stone Depot has various types of natural stone that can be used as fences. Stone Depot also provides natural stone fence installation services.  The natural stones can be combined with wood or ceramics. Here are some types of natural stone that can be used as fence material.

1.       Slate natural stone

Slate natural stone

Natural stone fences from slate are often referred to as river stone fences. The slate fence has many advantages. One of the advantages is that the stone is endured in all weather and is strong as a building foundation. The maintenance of this stone is also effortless.

The slate fence is one of the most popular fence designs in using natural stone as a material. Slate is also the most frequently used material for outdoor areas. The black and gray color of a slate are also suitable to be combined with other natural stones and other types of materials such as wood and ceramics.

2.       Palimanan stone

Palimanan stone

Palimanan stone is a stone that is often found in Indonesia. Sukabumi stone by Stone Depot provides high-quality palimanan stone that can be used as material for the fence. This stone has a beige to brown color, so it is neutral to combine with another color of natural stone or materials. Palimanan stone texture is hard and slippery. The use of this stone for the fence will increase the elegant exterior of the building. Palimanan stone prices are also quite affordable compared to other natural stones.

3.       Sandstone


From the name of this stone, it is clearly that it has a beige color. This stone is suitable for a fence material with a minimalist building concept. However, this stone requires more special care due to its light color and relatively rough surface. If not treated the stone properly, golden palimo sandstone will quickly get mossy. Caring for this stone is relatively easy. Rub and wipe the stone without cleaning fluid.

4.       Coral stone

Coral stone

Coral stone is a stone that comes from coastal and riverside areas. This stone is popular and versatile. Besides being used as fence material, coral stone is also popular as a flooring material, interior wall cladding, and even bathrooms. Coral stone also has assorted colors from light beige to black. Using coral stone as a fence material can create a calm and natural impression. Besides that, coral also plays a role in lowering the temperature and is suitable for use in hot areas.

Those are some examples of natural stones that can be used as fence material. Natural stone has various types. Use natural stone resistant to moss and do not absorb water easily. In addition, natural stone for fences must also be immune to all-weather, both heat and rain. You can find out about this product or make other collaborations by contacting the Stone Depot WhatsApp listed below: https://wa.me/6285336906433(Putri) or email us at: [email protected] and we will kindly respond to you as soon as possible.


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