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The Natural Beauty of Sandstone Tiles Architecture

Ever wonder how ancient historical buildings manage to survive for thousands of years? The secret behind it is none other than sandstone. Sandstone tiles architecture is timeless and a perfect way to combine old and new styles in contemporary architecture

Sandstone is a sedimentary stone formed out of the sand. It has various colors ranging from red to yellow. Sandstone is beautiful for decorations, creating a warm touch to your design. Moreover, it is versatile and has been a reliable floor tiling for many years.

If you are thinking of incorporating sandstone tiles into your design, this is the sign that you should probably give it ago.

Sandstone in History

Sandstone has been used for construction ever since prehistoric times. Due to its versatility and durability, it has become a popular choice for building materials.

One of the best examples of historical sites using sandstone is Petra, also known as the Red City. The landscape of the city is formed mainly by red sandstone building material.

Another example of a famous sandstone building is The White House. It is the residence and workplace of the United States. It uses pale grey sandstone to clad its exterior.

Why Choose Sandstone Tiles Architecture?

Sandstone Tiles for Outdoor Wall Cladding

These are the reasons why you need to include elements of sandstone in your building.

1. Natural aesthetic

Sandstone color can range from a variety of brown, red, and yellow shades, and even white. These colors make for a nice earthy tone that sets a warm natural feeling for your design.

2. Durability

Sandstones can withstand the test of time, making them a strong and durable building material.

3. Diverse and unique

As a natural stone, each sandstone will have colors and patterns that are different from the other. You can also have a wide range of textures and color varieties that you can choose from depending on your needs.

Sandstone in Contemporary Architecture

Nowadays, natural stones like sandstone have become a trend in modern architecture and design. The beauty and quality it possesses make it ideal to achieve the natural elegant look that you’re looking for.

Want some ideas on how you can use sandstone for your house or building? Check out these examples of sandstone architecture.

Sandstone Exterior Design for Your House

Using sandstone for your house’s facade can create a quiet and elegant appearance, like the House R+ A Mineral by OOIIO architecture in Madrid, Spain. This design gives a certain beauty to your dwelling while maintaining its simplicity. This is perfect especially if you want to achieve a warm look.

Sandstone Interior Design for Your House

Sandstone interior design can create a natural look for your space, similar to this kitchen and dining room in the Inhabit Hotel, designed by Holland Harvey.

Sandstone tiles are a great choice for the floor for their visual appeal. Walking into a room with sandstone tiles can make you feel relaxed and at ease.

Sandstone for Pool Coping

Sandstone is a nice option for your pool coping. Sandstone design creates a natural beauty that reminisces the beach. It has slip-resistant properties, which makes it safe for your pool. However, sandstone is highly porous so make sure to seal it appropriately beforehand.

Wrapping Up

If the natural and relaxing visual is what you’re aiming for, then sandstone is worth the try. With its high quality and durability, sandstone can be the right answer for your project.

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