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Sukabumi Stone Mexico for Your Dream Outstanding Luxurious Pool

An outstanding and beautiful pool is literally a dream for most people. Sukabumi Stone Mexico exists for this reason. It offers you a luxurious look that can make your swimming pool dazzling while getting sun-kissed. Besides, it also looks amazing at nighttime under the moonlight.

Sukabumi Stones tiles have a glamorous emerald color, and it gets prettier when it's wet. And because of their luxurious appearance, many of them are used in the most exclusive resorts, hotels, and spas all around the world.  It's a perfect choice if you want to have exotic, tropical, and elegant-looking pools.

Why Choosing Sukabumi Stone Mexico?

Portrait Beautiful Woman Sitting Aside Swimming Pool with Sukabumi Stone

There are a lot of reasons why you should pick Sukabumi Stone as your pool tiles. Here are a few of them!

1.      Anti-slip

You don't have to worry about slipping in the pools if you use Sukabumi pool tiles. It has low water absorption, so it creates an anti-slip effect on them. The possibility of an accident automatically gets lower.

So, you can play hard without worrying too much about your safety. It is because Sukabumi Stone is considered as the safest pool tiles that exist in the world. The stones have a smooth, sleek, and honed surface so it reduces the possibility of slipping while you are playing in the pools.

2.      Has a water purifying property

Aside from reducing the possibility of an accident with its anti-slip property, Green Sukabumi Stone can also reduce the amount of ammonium in the pools. The stone contains zeolites that can help you absorb the heavy metal. This can make your pools cleaner for a longer time.

You don't have to worry about its consumption of chlorine or salt. It is because Sukabumi Stone can reduce its consumption by up to 20%.

3.      Exclusive

Did you know that the Sukabumi Stone only exists in Indonesia? It is named after the place where the stone was founded; Sukabumi. Sukabumi is a regency in West Java, Indonesia.

Because it's exclusive, it makes the stones hard to find outside Indonesia. This is why natural stone is very precious and highly demanded.

4.      Can be Used at Every Temperature

Sukabumi Stones can be used in all kinds of temperatures. The stones are very adaptable, so it makes them more durable than the others. Whether you live in a cold or a hot area, you still can use the stones just right. The stones also can be used in extreme temperatures.

How to Purchase Sukabumi Stone Mexico?

You can purchase Sukabumi Stone tiles from Stone Depot. We only sell high-quality natural stone tiles from Java and Bali. Aside from that, we also offer you a service to design, install, and make sure that your project is finished. It will be very worth it.

You can contact us through our hotline on WhatsApp (Putri) or fax (+622318491546). Aside from that, you can also email us at [email protected]. We will help you to find the best Sukabumi Stone Mexico to make your pool tiles look more luxurious.

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