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Look Minimalist Pool with Green Stone Tiles in Moldova

For non-professionals, tiling may appear simple at a glance, but it entails a lot more. The exquisite Green Stone tiles define a simple minimalist pool design with Moldova's economic and industrial capital resorts. This project, which utilized Stone Depot Indonesia's product, successfully emphasized a sense of simplicity.

Minimalist Pool in Moldova by Stone Depot

Minimalist pool with Green Stone Tiles for Moldova project by Stone Depot

The pool at one of the resorts in Moldova’s capital city is one of the many examples of how designing a minimalist pool does not imply compromising other elements. Particularly those features that can improve its practicability while also creating a pleasing visual impression.

The Chisinau resort management purposefully employs various materials to differentiate the lounge area from the pool. It is designed to maximize the practicality of a minimalist swimming pool that is both appealing and functional.

Indeed, building a minimalist pool at such a small resort does not require ample space. Instead, it merely requires a space-saving pool design. Aside from that, its pool base's material, which uses Green Stone tiles, has been thoughtfully selected. 

The use of Green Stone in the swimming pool is not without cause. While many natural stone tiles are equally perfect for use in modern pools, this stone has something that others do not.

What Makes Green Stone Tiles Distinctive? 

Natural green swimming pool with tropical and calmness ambiance

One of the most distinctive features of this green stone is its natural hue, which changes depending on the weather. The natural green shade of the stone tiles will appear more radiant when used in tropical locations like Indonesia throughout the dry season.

Meanwhile, the stone tiles will seem darker during the wet season. The elegant combination of these two hues creates a striking contrast in the swimming pool. Furthermore, this stone's distinct hue makes it appropriate for other uses, such as wall cladding.

Green Stone is recognized for its high degree of durability in addition to its hue. Durability itself is one of the many crucial aspects that need to be considered when choosing pool materials.

The stone has small-sized holes that can reduce the level of water entering the stone. These tiny holes are significant because they can provide a firm grip to lessen the chance of slipping on some wet regions.

One last thing, Green Stone is your best natural stone should you want to have a pool that appears as though you are frequently keeping it clean. If you are considering this natural stone, you can send inquiries to Stone Depot via WhatsApp/Mobile phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email [email protected]. At Stone Depot, you can determine the pattern, cuts, and sizes of the Green Stone tiles you desire.

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