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Does Bali Green Stone Tiles Perfect for Private Pool? Find Out Here!

Bali green stone tiles for a summer swimming pool in Amankila Resort (Photo courtesy of Amankila Resort)

Bali, ever heard of that name before? Also known as Indonesia's island of paradise, it feels like summer every day. For those who had visited Bali before, you probably noticed that most outdoor pools in hotels, private villas, or even resorts have beautiful green stones as their tiles. Can you guess the name? It is Bali Green Stone tiles.

It turns out that the natural green stone is also well known on the island that's famous worldwide. You might find this stone similar to the Green Sukabumi Stone since they are actually the same. Another alias for the Pedra Hijau Verde is known in Brazil's natural stone market. Even though this particular stone has three names, the quality remains the same and originates from Indonesia.

Perfect for Private Pools

Beautiful private pool with Bali green stone tiles at Australian Private Home

Having a rough decision on what tile you are going to use for your private pool? Consider using Bali Green Stone tiles! You can use these beautiful and elegant-looking natural stones to create your own resort-looking private pool. The type of finishing used for this kind of usage is Honed and Sawn Cut. This stone has an anti-slip nature even if they are wet, making them the perfect pool tiles apart from their looks.

This natural quartz is thermally stable, and it can make your pool stay cool even in hot weather. Apart from that, they are also durable; they can last longer than artificial ones and have corrosion resistance. This stone is also known for containing Zeolite, a natural compound that can purify and detoxify the pool's water. However, scheduled pool maintenance is still necessary to help the Zeolite to perform even better.

Other Aesthetic Use?

Bali green stone with the rough face texture

Other applications of this particular stone are for walls. You may not notice it, but there are many resorts, hotels, and villas that use it to make the walls more aesthetically pleasing. The type of finishing that is likely to be used is the Rough Face; the rough random texture gives its own special characteristic touch of beauty. If you don't like it, other finishing options include the Honed and Sawn Cut, just like those for the pool tiles. However, you need to consult this with your architect/designer beforehand to get the most out of it.

Where to Order Bali Green Stone Tiles?

Are you considering choosing high-quality Bali Green Stone tiles for your private house and pool? Look no further. You can order it at Stone Depot Indonesia, an Indonesian natural stone supplier operating since 2006. It has served clients from over 80 countries worldwide that can be seen in their website's project gallery. On Stone Depot Indonesia, there are two motives, namely Plain Green-based and Crystal Green-based.

Please kindly send an inquiry through Whatsapp/Mobile Phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email [email protected] for more information regarding tile sizes, types of finishing, as well as to place your order! Stone Depot Indonesia's experience in handling and exporting high-quality stones will certainly be your number 1 supplier in making your natural haven into reality.

Does Bali Green Stone Tiles Perfect for Private Pool? Find Out Here!

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