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Beach-themed Swimming Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone

The beach-themed swimming pool concept is one of the best concepts ever! This concept is often applied to resorts or hotels located on the beach. Instead of building a swimming pool in a separate area, usually, a swimming pool is built right on the beach so that there is harmony between nature and the building.

Not only that, some resorts even dare to add a twist by making an infinity pool by the beach. This concept is at the highest level considering that the combination of an infinity pool and white sand beach is something that is very amazing to watch. If you think of building a beachside swimming pool, then you also have to make sure that you have chosen the right material.

Simple Tips To Make Beach Pool Concept

Beach-themed swimming pool at Pattaya Resort in Thailand

We know that in a swimming pool project, there are many aspects that must be taken into account appropriately. We have to make sure the size, area, the concept of the swimming pool, to the material used must be able to support the idea you want to realize. Before starting a swimming pool construction project, you must make sure everything is neatly listed so that it can be executed carefully.

In this case, we recommend using Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles, natural stone that has been processed so that it is available in the form of tiles that are easier to apply in swimming pool projects. Regardless of all the planning, you have made, Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles will make the beach pool concept come true perfectly.

Tropical Swimming Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles

Beach-themed swimming pool at Chisinau, Moldova

Beach-themed swimming pools are usually used in hotels or resorts in the tropics. The combination of all of them will create a beautiful harmony, making anyone want to stay longer in the place. If you want to replicate this concept, then you must also need materials that will strengthen the tropical impression of the swimming pool.

Green Sukabumi stone tiles come offering a green color that is typical of the tropics. These characteristics become patterns that make everyone agree that this natural stone is the right choice for swimming pools. Green Sukabumi stone tiles will give a cool and calming impression, making the swimming pool like an oasis that quenches thirst by providing freshness. The tropical feel will be more attached considering that the green Sukabumi stone tiles will ensure that the pool water feels cool.

The Distinctive of Bali Natural Green Pools

Seen under a microscope, we can see that the Green Sukabumi stone tiles have pores that act like air circulation. These pores will ensure that heat energy will not be absorbed and stored in the tiles, but will be channeled naturally so that the pool temperature will not increase even in the summer. This is one of the uniqueness of Green Sukabumi stone which makes it chosen as the main material for pool tiling in world-famous hotels and resorts. In addition, this natural stone also has an anti-slip feature that will provide a good grip. Even in wet conditions, this natural stone is not slippery so it is safe to use as a pool tiling.

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