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The Beauty of Bali Outdoor Swimming Pool

Bali natural stone is the perfect material for a simple and elegant swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used natural stone tiles from Bali to improve the pool. If you need to find a Bali natural stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link:  (Putri) or email: [email protected]

The swimming pool is one project that is very fun for the developers. This is the right project to realize wild ideas about swimming pool concepts and designs. Moreover, there are various types of swimming pools that can be made with various concepts, a combination of materials, to the application of technology that makes swimming pools a higher level. For example, the Bali outdoor swimming pool is adopted by several well-known hotels and resorts. You can also apply your own ideas to make your swimming pool concept into a reality. One interesting idea to try is an outdoor swimming pool. This concept offers various twists that we can explore and create a unique swimming pool.

Adorable Outdoor Pool Ideas with Bali Natural Stone Tiles

When talking about Bali Outdoor Swimming Pool, we can also adopt some Balinese identities to be applied to swimming pools. So we will create an outdoor pool with a touch of a distinctive Balinese accent, making it a swimming pool with an interesting twist. But beforehand, we can take a look at some pretty outdoor swimming pools for reference. 

Outdoor Pool with View of Nature

Black lava stone for the super comfy mini-outdoor pool (Photo courtesy of Carmel Taiba Exclusive in Brazil)

Bali is known as an untouched piece of paradise. If you have ever vacationed in Bali, you will definitely agree with this title. We can walk in the rice fields, feel the waves on a stunning beach, or enjoy the natural soothing sound in the middle of the forest; this nuance only exists in Bali. Combining an outdoor swimming pool with a natural view would be a perfect idea for a Bali interior swimming pool. In addition, using the Bali natural stone tiles such as black lava stone for the pool can become a great way to make a pool look more beautiful.

Outdoor Pool with Garden

The perfect swimming pool with green Sukabumi stone and natural ambiance

Another alternative for a blend of Balinese nuances and nature is to present this concept. The large backyard can be part of a charming outdoor pool. Moreover, the Balinese lifestyle also has the same characteristics, namely having a large garden for a place of worship with a kind of small temple. This is going to be a perfect match as we can embrace the distinctive Balinese tradition around the outdoor swimming pool.

Bali Pools and Bar

Bali pools and bar are the perfect couples for a luxury resort in Thailand

For an unusual experience, you can come to hotels and resorts that have pools and bars. It's a great way to relax and enjoy a vacation with friends. This kind of concept is widely used by hotels as a way to attract visitors. It has proven to be effective and you can steal the idea and apply it to your project. The combination of a swimming pool and bar is indeed very fitting for Bali because it is in a tropical region. What's more, there's nothing more enjoyable than sipping your favorite drink while getting yourself wet around the pool.

Now we can say that the Bali interior swimming pool has a lot of things to try. You can choose one of those three wild ideas to apply to your project. Just don’t forget to add the Balinese nuance to add a level up the atmosphere and add the beauty. This is a great way to build a beautiful swimming pool.

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The Beauty of Bali Outdoor Swimming Pool

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