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What Makes Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Popular for Luxury Pool in Maldives?

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone for Luxury Pool in the Maldives

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone supplier Contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri). Our Bali Green sukabumi stone is the exotic Indonesia green natural stone for the swimming pool. Many luxury villas in the world from Bali to Dubai have used this beautiful green stone tiles to improve the quality of the pool.

The Maldives is the best place to see natural beauty for beach lovers. This place offers a variety of charming resorts built in the middle of the beach. Visitors can also freely enjoy nature from the room. Not only resorts, but several well-known hotels are also open in The Maldives. The hotel gives pool access to every guest so they have many options for swimming. Even just by swimming in the hotel pool, guests can feel the beauty of nature because the pool uses Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles. Natural stone from Indonesia is widely used as a construction material for swimming pools. Many world-class hotels in Asia, Europe, and America also use the Bali Green Sukabumi stone as the main material.

Why Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Popular in the Maldives

Many hotels with luxurious swimming pools use Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles because they have several benefits. These advantages make Bali Green Sukabumi stone quite popular in the Maldives.


Bali Green Sukabumi Stone for Wall Cladding – Photo courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand

Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles are a versatile material. This natural stone is widely used as the main component of swimming pools, but on the other hand, variants of the Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles can also be used for walls. The smooth finishing variant is often used for swimming pools. But variants with rough finishing are often used for walls. For its application, you can use these two types of finishing to build the entire swimming pool area.
      Rich of Zeolites

Green Sukabumi Stone Chemical Substance: Zeolite

Based on laboratory test results, Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles have several types of natural mineral content. But there is one substance that makes this natural stone unique and different from the others. The Zeolites are substances that can reduce ammonia in the water so that the swimming pool remains clear and clean. Zeolite will reduce the small organisms and bacteria on the swimming pool water. This is very beneficial because the swimming pool cleanliness will be maintained.

High-Density Stone

Just like Andesite, the Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles have a high density. It is great because when it comes to material for the property, you need an item that has great strength and durability. Choosing the right material is like an investment. In the short run, it will drain your budget. But in the long run, you will get more benefit because the property will stand and indestructible.

Keep the Temperature Cool

The Maldives is situated under the equator, which makes this place is getting more heat every year. It is important to make sure that the pool’s temperature is monitored. The cool-temperature swimming pool will keep the guests comfortable. The Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles will keep the temperature cool because the stone doesn’t absorb the heat. Now the guests have the source of freshness just by swimming in the pool.

Those lists show us that the Bali Green Sukabumi stone tiles have a lot of benefits when used for a tropical swimming pool. It is great for a place situated like the Maldives that gets more heat. And that what makes the natural stone gets popularity in there.

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What Makes Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Popular for Luxury Pool in the Maldives?

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