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Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles - Create A Very Elegant Look with Black Lavastone in Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

Black Lavastone Cladding - Photo Taken at Jewel Changi Airport
Popular as the durable natural stone, Black volcanic lava stone already involve in many projects in many countries all over the world. When we have a vacation, not rarely to see this black lava stone used as flooring tile or wall cladding in many places, such as temples, hotels, resorts, swimming pool and also in public places such as airport. Talking about airport, Did you already hear the most-new concept of airport located in Singapore? It’s place used Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles or pedra hitam as the stone wall claddingYou can see how adorable look of the building design by using black natural lava stone there. Beautiful, elegant and adorable. These words combine to feel what my feel when see that place. The place is Jewel Changi Airport. It’s become the must see attraction in Singapore right now when the architects transform the airport into inspiring lifestyle destination. In this airport, peoples not just to board on a plane, but they can get wondrous experience also such as shopping, dining, playing games with kids and many more. It’s real because this airport have some breath-taking places such as Shiseido Forest Valley, Canopy Park, Canopy bridge and their tallest indoor waterfall in Jewel’s Heart.

As an Indonesian and supplier of Indonesia natural stone, I’m absolutely proud of our natural wealth especially natural stone. We have a many kinds of natural stone which already get their popularity in around the world, includes Indonesia Black Lava Stone TilesWithin the Jewel Changi Airport, you can found the surrounding’s cladding feature full of black lava stone material. Black lava stone or pedra hitam made an elegant look for the building because the stone have a volcanic dark colors. You will never be bored seeing the cladding with Black lava stone tiles or pedra hitam in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore because the architect combine it with lush sanctuary green on the surrounding’s cladding also.

Did you already known the world-biggest temple located in West Java, Indonesia? The Borobudur temple has been popular with it’s durability in a few centuries. The material of this Buddhist-temple made from Indonesia Black Lava Stone TilesIt’s why the architect of Jewel Changi Airport decide to choose this lava stone it’s because the stone is durable to against any weather. Formed by high temperature process in earth, black lava stone or pedra hitam become one of the durable stone that can against any weather. This stone also has natural cooling system since it has so many tiny holes. The small pores make the air flows easily into the stone. Popular in architecture, this stone also is great used as pool pavers because the material is resistance to scratches stains, and slips.

One other reason why they choose Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles pedra hitam in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore is the flexibility.  Flexibility means the stone can be mixed or matched with other shades of colors. The color will always be a trend. Monochromatic color is always timeless. Black lava stone gives a back-to-nature style. The visitors of Jewel Changi Airport Singapore will experience the touch of nature when they visit this place. The architects surely want to build a property that will last for a long time. It is why they use black lava stone tiles pedra hitam in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore. By using black lava stone or pedra hitam, they will not have to do a major renovation anytime soon. As an Indonesia Black Lava Stone Supplier, Stone Depot provides this material if you want to build a property that will last for a long time. Stone Depot also provides many varieties. You can pick the stone based on what you need such as Green sukabumi stone, limestone, basalt, sandstone, pebblesand many more.

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