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Green Sukabumi Stone - Stunning Sukabumi Green Pool Tiles at Bulgari Resort Bali

photos courtesy of Bulgari Resort Hotel Bali

This is what you need to know about Green Sukabumi Stone at Bulgari Resort Bali. The stone is known as the element that can magically change the watercolor.

Located near the sea and inside the exclusive area of Uluwatu, Bulgari Resort Bali offers you ultimate privacy and luxury. The hotel welcomes you with the traditional concept of mixing up with the modern theme. The hotel is also surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature yet gives you the complete facilities that won't make you feel isolated. That is why there are many people who choose the hotel as a place to stay for the honeymoon. You can enjoy everything lavish in the Bulgari Resort, including the exotic pool. The pool base is made up of green Sukabumi stone at Bulgari Resort Hotel, the thing that makes it looks more classy.

Green Sukabumi Stone - Why Sukabumi Green Stone is Famous

The green Sukabumi stone is quite rare, and it can turn the pool watercolor into magical Tuscan blue, which can make you feel like swimming inside the clear natural lagoon. The green Sukabumi stone in Bulgari Resort Bali won’t absorb heat so that you can chill inside the pool in the middle of the day time without being uncomfortable. The green Sukabumi is Indonesia natural stone product that has high-demand not only in Indonesia but also from the other country. Many people usually use it as the inns' decoration so that the inns will be surrounded by a natural theme that is relaxing.

Green Sukabumi Stone - The Character of  The Unique Green Tiles

Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool Tiles (photos courtesy of Bulgari Resort Hotel Bali)

Green Sukabumi Stone in Bulgari Resort Bali has a cool surface that will make you feel comfortable once you step in it. Based on the finishing methods, there are some kinds of green Sukabumi. First is smooth finishing green Sukabumi stone (sawn cut and honed) which is usually used for the pool base. Second is the rough finishing, which is generally used for the wall decoration or for the garden to enhance the natural ambiance. Even though the smooth one has a soft surface, it won't easily make you slip. So that, not only in the pool base, the green Sukabumi is commonly used to cover the floor near the pool area.

Since the making and the finishing of green Sukabumi Stone in Bulgari Resort Bali or the other luxurious inns are quite complicated, you must have a little bit effort in seeking for the green Sukabumi stone. 

Green Sukabumi Stone - Stunning Sukabumi Green Pool Tiles at Bulgari Resort Bali

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