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Indonesia Natural Stone Project - Find Out The International Stone Depot Project on Bunaken Resort and Spa Manado

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Many people investing their money in property because global fastest growing in property markets, includes Indonesia. There is a wonderful popular property in another side of Indonesia with exotic blue and green views on around. It's Bunaken Oasis and Spa Manado. This resort located in Manado, North Sulawesi.  As a perfect place for diving and get spa, you will set this resort as your next plan journey on coming holiday.

A Beautiful Property Depends On How Choose Building Materials

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Bunaken Oasis and Spa Manado has proven that a beautiful property depends on how choose building materials. Many parts of Bunaken's rooms using natural stone as their secondary materials, especially on their walls. When we take a look once again, their using Indonesia natural stone as wall cladding which have durable and elegance appereance. It's andesite stone. Andesite stone on this property looks more amazing with strip cladding design. The color of this stone also looks as a perfect suit when combine with furniture in rooms. All of this values is only for visitor's satisfaction. This resort has been prove it with a natural stone!

Luxury Resort With Full Fantastic Experience

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As a luxury resort with 12 large villas, it's not enough only reviews about their rooms.The comfy rooms, is a little one of a wonderful moment you can get here. Another experience you can get on this resort is a chill-out cocktail bar, full service restaurant with national and international cuisine, a fully-equipped classroom for photographic groups and the one and only is a free form infinity pool!

Infinity Pool Concept Is Their Key

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The outside and infinity concept of this pool, makes people who swim below the water or enjoy above the water with sun-loungers get easy access to the bar. Take a focus on their pool tiles now!
It's used Indonesia natural stone also. Mosaic kuda laut or also known ceramic tiles kuda laut has been used as pool tiles for this amazing property.

One of International Stone Depot Projects on 2013

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As an Indonesia natural stone supplier, Stone Depot really appreciated with a local resort which contributes natural stone in their projects. There's many ways to find suppliers of natural stone especially in Indonesia. But one of them, should be covered with high quality standards and international reputation, Stone Depot has proved. So proud to be a parts of this international property.

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Black Lava Stone Benefits - 5 Reasons Why Project Designer Should Choose Black Lava Stone Tiles

For your information, there are the five (5) black lavastone benefits that every project designer need to know. Check this article out for more information

Black Lava Stone Benefits - Great Stone Buildings For Hotels to Private Residential

As a project designer, you would like to have the most reliable materials. Black lavastone is one of them. Before finding out the five (5) reasons why project designers should choose this material like tiles, you need to know the origin of this natural stone from Indonesia. Once you learn about black lava stone benefits, you will understand why. For starters, this volcanic rock is formed when magma seeps through the earth’s cracks and reaches the earth’s surface. Then, the magma quickly changes temperature and cools down. After that, it solidifies until it forms igneous rock. We call that black lavastone.

Black lavastone also has other types, like basalt and andesite stones. There are many things that you can do with black lava stone benefits. Mostly, you can build luxurious properties that will last for a long time. For example, hotels, resorts, bungalows, and even private residential. This natural stone from Indonesia is also famous as the major source of materials used to build the Borobudur Temple.It shows the true strength of black lavastone—knowing how old the iconic temple is. Even though the temple had survived a huge earthquake once in the past, the damage has already been repaired well.

Black Lava Stone Benefits - All Things Should Know For Project Deisgner

There are the five (5) black lava stone benefits that every project designer needs to know. Once they do, then they realize the reason why they should choose black lavastone tiles. The first one is its toughness and durability. With its rapid cooling ability, a scary natural firing process, and a tightly-packed mineral selection, black lavastone is flexible for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can use this for your home renovation projects. The second is its ability to resist heat. It traps heat during the day if used as pool tiles to keep the water cool and releases it at night.

The third of the black lavastone benefits for project designers is its slip-resistance. No matter how well it is sawn-cut and honed, it is safe for you to walk on even with your wet feet or soles. Its tiny pores quickly absorb water too. Plus, this natural stone gives a modern look. The fourth is its nature-friendly material. Black lavastone is great if you are a green-conscious project designer. Finally, this natural stone from Indonesia can be formed into a different variety of types. Whether it is red, green, grey, or black, black lavastone is something that all project designers need to consider. If you are looking for black lavastone, Stone Depot will gladly help you.

For expert advice in selecting your stone tiles, contact us on Whatsapp/Phone +62 853 3690 6433 (Putri) or email us on : Whether you are looking for Black Lava Stone Tiles, we are your stone suppliers of Bali, Indonesia.

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Black Lava Stone Tiles - Elegance Pool Tiles with Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles

How to have an elegant swimming pool? Indonesia black Lava Stone tiles are the best materials for this. Don’t believe it? Check this article to find out more.

Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles - Elegance Swimming Pool Tiles

Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles is another alternative when it comes to building elegant properties. Also known as andesite stone, black basalt is the little softer version of black lavastone. Besides black lavastone tiles, you can also use this material to have pool tiles in tropical areas. It is solid, endurable, and not difficult to form. The tiny pores in the material are what make this natural stone possess a natural cooling system. Thanks to these, the water can run through the stone, which leaves a sense of coolness and freshness. But what makes them more elegant for properties in Indonesia?

Outside Indonesia, there are plenty of luxurious properties (like hotels, resorts, and even private residential) that have Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles as part of the materials. One example is Amanyara Turks & Caicos, a luxurious resort in West Indies Carribean. The swimming pool in this beach resort is elegant. What makes the swimming pool unique is its black infinity, overall appearance, unlike the usual blue or green pools. Little kids may not be too keen on jumping for a swim since darkness might make some of them feel rather uncomfortable. However, this is not a big problem for grownups.

Black Lava Stone Pool Tiles - Build Your Pool Dreams With Us

With Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles, the swimming pool in Amanyara Turks & Caicos offers a temporary escape from the bustling, stressful city life. The beauty of the material comes from its dark shade and soft texture. If you happen to be there, touch it, and you will feel it. Besides its durability, black basalt tiles also have a cooling effect. There are two (2) sides of this natural stone, though. When it is hot during the day, it absorbs and traps the heat within. That is why, the water in the swimming pool stays cool despite the scorching sun above.

However, when it is cool during the night, Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles release the heat. Not only elegant, but you may also consider this natural stone rather ‘magical’. That is why some people prefer swimming at night. When the tiles are made of black basalt, the water stays warm in the evening. An Eastern tradition also claims some other benefits of using this natural stone for your pool tiles. This black volcanic stone helps to reduce anxiety and calm your mind. It also helps to enhance your creativity. This type of swimming pool is also perfect for your mental therapy. Imagine having a long, relaxing deep while letting your mind wander dreamily. This is something that Stone Depot can offer you.

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Black Lava Stone Tiles - Elegance Pool Tiles with Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles

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Green Sukabumi Stone - Why Amankila Resort Uses the Beauty of Sukabumi Green Stone Tiles

green Sukabumi stone at Amankila resort Bali offers a beautiful look and durable pool material. Here is why you must order it for your project.

Green Sukabumi Stone - Perfect Green Stone at Amankila Resort

All photos source by Aman Group Resort

Travelers who enjoy an exclusive holiday in Bali visit luxurious accommodations like Amankila Resort. Located in Karangasem and facing the Bali Sea, Amankila combines modern luxury and traditional elements. Green Sukabumi stone at Amankila Resort Bali is one of the high-quality materials used to adorn the resort’s main features. Sourced from Indonesia’s popular natural stone production center, the green stones instantly draw guests’ eyes when they step into the resort’s outdoor area. Luckily, these stones are widely available, and anyone can order them to adorn their own properties. They are beautiful, durable, and can be customized to satisfy different construction or decoration needs.

Amankila Resort uses green stones to adorn its outdoor pool. Guests can see green Sukabumistone at Amankila Resort Bali in the terraced swimming pools. The pools were constructed to give the swimmers a direct view toward the Bali Sea. The first and second pools have infinity model, and they are located next to outdoor dining areas and gazebos. The green-blue color imitates the sea, which looks more brilliant when surrounded by cream-colored limestone tiles. Green Sukabumi stone is also visible on other pools inside the resort area, including private pools and smaller outdoor pools. The color looks brilliant during the day or night.

Green Sukabumi Stone - How to Get Premium Quality of Green Sukabumi Stone ?

Green Sukabumi stone at Amankila Resort Bali is a local product. The stone tiles were crafted to fit the resort’s requirements. They are durable and able to withstand contact with moisture for many years. These green stones also retain temperature; they feel cooler during the day and warmer at night. The blue-green stones fit the pools’ sizes, customized to the needs. They also look great with the surrounding architecture, which combines traditional elements (gazebos, thatched roofs, Balinese designs) with modern resort look. Palm trees and shrubs emphasize the natural beauty of these stones. The color also imitates the resort’s private beach area, which looks perfect for relaxing., thanks to the blue and cream colors combination.

Want to get these stone tiles for your swimming pool? Order from trusted stone supplier and maker. Indonesia-based Stone Depot is a perfect option to get high-quality green Sukabumi stone. This stone seller and supplier has served national and international customers since 2005. The supplier gets the stones from Indonesia’s famous natural stone centers, such as Sukabumi, Yogyakarta, and Bali. You can order customized stone tiles to match your project. Visit the Stone Depot website to get your ideal stone material. Take the green Sukabumi stone at Amankila Resort Bali to your property.

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Green Sukabumi Stone - Stunning Sukabumi Green Pool Tiles at Bulgari Resort Bali

Green Sukabumi Stone at Bulgari Resort Bali

This is what you need to know about Green Sukabumi Stone at Bulgari Resort Bali. The stone is known as the element that can magically change the watercolor.

Located near the sea and inside the exclusive area of Uluwatu, Bulgari Resort Bali offers you ultimate privacy and luxury. The hotel welcomes you with the traditional concept mixing up with the modern theme. The hotel is also surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature yet give you the complete facilities that won't make you feel isolated. That is why there are many people who choose the hotel as a place to stay for the honeymoon. You can enjoy everything lavish in the Bulgari Resort, including the exotic pool. The pool base is made up of green Sukabumi stone at Bulgari Resort Hotel, the thing that makes it looks more classy.

All photos source from @bulgarihotels

Green Sukabumi Stone - Why Sukabumi Green Stone is Famous

The green Sukabumi stone is quite rare, and it can turn the pool water color into magical Tuscan blue, which can make you feel like swimming inside the clear natural lagoon. The green Sukabumi stone in Bulgari Resort Bali won’t absorb heat so that you can chill inside the pool in the middle of the day time without being uncomfortable. The green Sukabumi is Indonesian product that has high-demand not only in Indonesia but also from the other country. Many people usually use it as the inns' decoration so that the inns will be surrounded by a natural theme that is relaxing.

Green Sukabumi Stone - The Character of  The Unique Green Tiles

Green Sukabumi Stone in Bulgari Resort Bali has the cool surface that will make you feel comfortable once you step in it. Based on the finishing methods, there are some kinds of green Sukabumi. First is smooth finishing green Sukabumi stone (sawn cut and honed) which is usually used for the pool base. Second is the rough finishing, that is generally used for the wall decoration or for the garden to enhance the natural ambience. Even though the smooth one has a soft surface, it won't easily make you slip. So that, not only in the pool base, the green Sukabumi is commonly used to cover the floor near the pool area.

Green Sukabumi Stone - Where to Get It

Since the making and the finishing of green Sukabumi Stone in Bulgari Resort Bali or the other luxurious inns are quite complicated, you must have a little bit effort in seeking for the green Sukabumi stone. One of the best depot to buy many natural stones is Stone Depot. Stone Depot offers you many choices of natural stones in high quality but affordable price. They also serve international delivery. If you are interested in grabbing the green Sukabumi stone at Stone Depot, you can check the website to see the inquiries and information you will need.

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Green Sukabumi Stone - Stunning Sukabumi Green Pool Tiles at Bulgari Resort Bali

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Green Sukabumi Stone Installation Project - Stunning Green Stone Tiles at Camaya Coast Hotel & Resort Bataan Philippines

Here’s a brief review about green Sukabumistone installation project at Camaya Coast Hotel & Resort Bataan Philippines.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone at Camaya Coast, Phillipines
Enjoy the lush mountain landscape, soothing waves, and a romantic sunset. Camaya Coast, Bataan, Philippines, offers you all of it. This hotel and resort stand along the coast which stretches approximately 3.2 kilometers. The resort location includes two beautiful small bays. The charm is even more visible with the green Sukabumi stone installation project at Camaya Coast Hotel & Resort Bataan Philippines. Sukabumi stone or better known as green Sukabumi stoneis a type of quartz rock. As the name implies, green Sukabumi stonecomes from a mine in the area of ​​Sukabumi Regency, West Java, Indonesia.

What’s Interesting about Green Sukabumi Stone?

Of course, there're many types of natural stone in the world. However, green Sukabumi stone can really attract the eye. This natural stone is widely used for fence, wall or floor of the pool, bathroom, parks, etc. This stone is mainly used as pool tiles in luxurious buildings such as villas, hotels, resorts located in the elite area of ​​Bali. Now green Sukabumi stone is also very popular and is widely used in foreign countries, especially Brazil and the United States. In the overseas, this natural stone is better known as Bali green stone. It's because they see this stone widely used in lavish resorts in Bali. It then inspired the green Sukabumi stone installation project at Camaya Coast Hotel & Resort Bataan Philippines.

Green Sukabumi Stone - Exoticism That Soothes the Eyes

Green Sukabumi stone installation project at Camaya Coast Hotel & Resort Bataan Philippines is certainly one of the charms from this tourist destination. Green Sukabumi stone is very suitable for decorating a lavish building or swimming pool. Having a green shade, this stone color will be brighter when exposed to water. It gives a stunning and sumptuous effect, of course. This natural stone is waterproof too, so it can minimize leakage in the pool. Further, Green Sukabumi stone can purify water because it contains Zeolite in it. No wonder many hotels and resorts use Green Sukabumi stone in their construction.

What’s The Best Theme Fits Green Sukabumi Stone?

Whether it's contemporary, classic, or natural, all themes can unite with green Sukabumi stone, as well as at Green Sukabumi stone installation project at Camaya Coast Hotel & Resort Bataan Philippines. Not only offer an enchanting natural landscape, but these hotels and resorts also have exotic vibes. No wonder if Camaya Coast is called the Little Boracay of Bataan. Besides, the name of this resort is a reflection of the original name of Mariveles City, which used to be called Camaya. If you want to have a building as exotic as Camaya Coast Hotel & Resort, Stone Depot is ready to serve your request. As an experienced supplier and manufacturer, product quality is the brand's top priority.
More details click How To Install Green Sukabumi StoneMore info about Green Sukabumi Stone price , please contact us by Mobile / Whatsapp +62 853-3690-6433 (Ms. Putri) or email :

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Stone Depot Project - Green Sukabumi Stone Pool Tiles Project at Puerto Galera Philippines

Sukabumi green stone tiles price direct supplier contact whatsapp +62 853 369 06433 (Ms Putri). If you are looking for a private instalallation green Sukabumi stone tiles, will be the right option to choose. For inspiring how we install Sukabumi Green Stone Tiles, let's check this stunning project installation at Puerto Galera, Phillipines.

Green Sukabumi Stone Project by Stone Depot - Stunning Island with Stunning Green Pool Tiles

Puerto Galera has some pocket beaches, snorkeling, and scuba-diving spots. Dubbed as a Man and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1973, this town in The Philippines has plenty of the most diverse coral reef diving sites in Asia. Since there are also many hotels and resorts with swimming pools, this town in Mindoro Island is in need of The Stone Depot Project - Green Sukabumi Stone Pool Tiles Project at Puerto Galera Philippines. With this project, Puerto Galera will not only have beautiful swimming pools that resemble stunning lakes like in paradise. They will also have a whole lot more than that.

For starters, Green Sukabumi Tiles are beautiful and amazing stone tiles. They are also very rare. These tiles have huge benefits, especially for swimming pools. They can only be found in Indonesia and have been famous around the world. Plenty of countries in America, Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa have these tiles imported into their countries to be used. Now, it is The Philippines’ turn with the Stone Depot Project - Green Sukabumi Stone Pool Tiles Project at Puerto Galera Philippines. With these tiles, plenty of swimming pool tiles and wall tiles in their five-star hotels will have a natural green shade and coolness.

Green Sukabumi Stone Project by Stone Depot - Exlusive Installation with Proffesional Team

Two types of green tiles can be used for the Stone Depot Project - Green Sukabumi Stone Pool Tiles Project at Puerto Galera Philippines.The first one is the green tiles with smooth finishing. They are placed for pool tiles and wet areas. They can either be sawn-cut or honed. The sawn-cut is less smooth than the honed because it is done by machine. You can choose the smoothness level from how much they are honed. The second one is the green tiles with rough-face finishing. This is for those who prefer natural appearance, even for your swimming pools and walls.

For the Stone Depot Project - Green Sukabumi Stone Pool Tiles Project at Puerto Galera Philippines, using these Sukabumi green tiles have plenty of other benefits. Their elegant-look makes the swimming pools look more inviting for a dip-in or a swim. They help to avoid swimmers from having a slip and a fall, a typical accident around the pool area. These green tiles also have high density but low absorption rate. They are water-resistant, so it is easy to clean them up as part of the maintenance. For a swim under the hot weather in Puerto Galera, these green tiles cool the water off. You can get Sukabumi green tiles in Stone Depot.

More details click How To Install Green Sukabumi Stone. Or please contact our email : (Ms Putri) or Whatsap +62 85336 906 433.