Senin, 29 Juli 2013

Green Sukabumi Stone - Herewith The Advantage of Green Sukabumi Stone for Pool Tiles

Green Sukabumi Stone supplier contact whatsapp +62 853 369 06433 (Ms Putri). Sukabumi tiles is the most popular green natural stone for swimming pool tiles. This stone has been used in many country and installed in the luxury villa and hotel such as in Brazil, Vietnam, UK, United States of America, Portugal, Spain, Bali (Indonesia) and many other places in the world.

Green Sukabumi Stone - Popular Green Quartzite Pool Tiles

Green Sukabumi Stone become so popular  because its unique and natural. Unique with green color which very popular for pool application. Green color represent the peaceful, natural and luxury. After installed in pool green sukabumi stone become very elegant and natural look.

Beside that this matterial contains zeolite which is can be a natural purified to make the water become very clear. Zeolite itself normally used for water filter.

Zeolite agents which is contained in green sukabumi stone is a good natural filter which is will purify the water also has good performance to sand and carbon filters. Zeolites has highly porous structure less than 4 micron in size which is naturally has capacity to adsorb cations such as heavy metals and ammonium.

Green Sukabumi Stone -Natural Green Stone Tiles

Natural Zeolites which is contained in green sukabumi stone also absorb some organic contaminants and undesirable odours. By attracting and increasing bacterial action per unit volume, natural zeolites also act as seed to boost bacterial flocs. Natural Zeolites which is contained in green sukabumi stone are the best ion exchange which is can be remove and recovery heavy metal cations such as Pb, Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn, Co, Cr.

Herewith some substance which is contains in green sukabumi stone according the labolatory test:
 SiO2  : 66.68%……………..Al2O3 : 12.26%
 Fe2O3  : 1.81% …………….CaO : 4.25%
 MgO  : 1.05% ……………..Na2O: 2.46%
 K2O  : 2.66% …………….TiO2 : 0.19%
 MnO2  : 0.06% …………….P2O5 : 0.06%
 H2O  : 1.18%
 pH  : 7.5
 Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)  : 138.40 meq %
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